November 2010

What Is Your Definition of Success?

Have you asked yourself what is your true meaning of success and did your path lead to your ideal lifestyle that you had dreamed? Iā€™m not talking about how much money you spent in education, Suits or the newest gadget. Did you go off course and end up going in a different direction than you had envisioned? If so what did it cost you in your relationships, health and network of friends? How many times have you called home and tell your spouse that you had to work late, or go to a dinner meeting because it was for the benefit of your career? How many times have you walked into the house, only to sit in front of your computer to knock out a project that you could not accomplish during normal work hours? The bottom line is; Do you control your time and have the balance in your life that you wanted and mapped out?

Success; Finally I Made It

After my last employer went out of business, I landed a Job as a project manager for a big software implementation and I was working like a beast to keep on schedule. At the time I thought I was doing pretty well for myself; making good money and had some good company perks. In the middle of the project as a reward for all my hard work, I received a bonus to go to the Porsche High Performance Driving School in Birmingham Alabama all expenses paid. Not only was this really cool but I was able to take along my Son who was 15yrs old at the time. Now you have to admit it was a pretty cool deal, I was going to drive some of the best made $100K +performance cars in the world for two days Continue Reading….


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