January 2011

Is Numis Network A Scam?

When I first found out about the Numis Network, I researched this company very extensively looking for any information or signs that would make Numis Network a Scam or a fly by night opportunity. I was pretty skeptical about a company that’s product was money. I talked to a lot of people in the network marketing industry to get their opinion on Numis and what it was about. As with many of you, when I see a lot of buzz about a new Network Marketing company that is growing very quickly the first thought is that it might be too good to be true, thus making me ask the question “Is Numis Network a Scam”?. After researching any negative claims I could find on the internet, talking to my friends; I found there is nothing to support claims that makes Numis Network a Scam.

Numis Network A Scam… No It’s Legit

With all of the negative reports of companies involved in buying gold and silver, it’s understandable to be very skeptical of a business opportunity of this nature and possibly consider Numis Network a Scam. But this is not what Numis Network is about, it’s not a get rich scheme like you see on TV at 2am or the  Continue Reading….


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