June 2011

This blog post is about one key ingredient that is often missed and required in order to obtain your goals – Action. In most cases, everybody usually determines their “Why” – The reason that they want to be successful in their endeavor, whether it’s to make more money, buy a new bigger house, new car, travel or to be able to spend more time with their family and friends; ok so you get the idea. But having defined your “Why” is not enough; it’s only one ingredient to your path to success.

ActionSo we have established that most people make it to identifying their “Why”, what happens next is where most people will fail. And in almost all cases it their own fault that they are in that situation and failed. A little harsh you might say, but I disagree. Not sure about you but I am very big on personal accountability, taking the hits when I deserve them, so if the shoe fits, wear it. Continue Reading….


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