May 2012

Ray HigdonIt is no secret that Ray Higdon is recognized as a leader in the MLM industry, and furthermore he is one of the Top leaders in MLSP. I am going to share with you more about Ray Higdon as a person, as a marketer, and what he goes to create a successful business.

Ray Higdon: About His Life


To understand more about Ray Higdon as a marketer, it’s wise to learn a little bit about him as a person as well.

Ray Higdon grew up in Seymour, Indiana and it was at the age of 12 that his potential as an entrepreneur was realized. Ray was selling airhead candles to his buddies at school, and it was then that he found his passion and desire to always be in sales.

At the age of 18, Ray was working 3 jobs, and had the desire to grow his income, but was seeking direction from those around him to better himself. Looking to a manager that herespected, Ray asked him what his goals were, but the answer that he was given surprised him.

The manager was simply comfortable with where he was, and didn’t believe that he could make more than he was making there and decided not to go any further. When Ray heard this response, it was one he would never forget and thus helped him begin thinking about what he wanted out of life and figuring out how he was going to get it.

Ray Higdon: Corporate America, Real Estate, Plus Frustration Equals a Discovery

When Ray Higdon first entered into Corporate America, he was making a decent living, but he was Continue Reading….


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Imagine, just for a minute, what it would feel like to actually Make Money with your business… To open your laptop and see checks, new reps, and money coming in every single morning. I mean serious money to be able to replace your current income, quit your job, and never have to worry about money again!

Are you ready for the Secret?

Well really it’s no Secret, It’s MLSP, The same system that I have used to build my business from the ground up for more than two years now! You might ask if systems really work? There are many systems out there that promise you everything, no work involved.  Let me tell you there is no such thing that is “Legit” that requires no work. You will have to put in some effort to set this up, but if you follow the step by step instructions  and put in use the training m then you will have a system that you can leverage to be successful.

 SYSTEM: Save Your Self Time Energy Money”..


 Build Monthly Residual Income With MLSP


You must have a residual type program in place if you’re here for the long haul.  If you’re serious then you’re going to be working here in this industry for at least 5 years so you might as well set yourself up for the rest of your life and your children’s lives.The idea of residual income is the most appealing thing about network marketing. To be able to walk away and collect a residual check every single month for the rest of your life…a check that comes in without any Continue Reading….


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