September 2012

Solavei National Launch – Live From The EMP Seattle

Solavei just had our National Launch this past weekend and I made this video to show you this cool kit that Solavei sent me for the National Launch. Some pretty cool SWAG was included in the box to wear for the launch. This is the first company I have seen that put out this much effort and money just to celebrate the launch! The Solavei National Launch hosted from the EMP in Seattle Washington started at 9pm. Another cool thing is that Solavei broadcasted the Solavei National Launch on the internet for everyone to join in on the fun and festivities.

Solavei National Launch – Powerhouse of Celebrities

We had celebrities like Alex Baldin in attendance and was interviewed by Megan Alexander. And whats really cool is he is promoting Solavei as a business and donating the proceeds to charatiy, pretty cool huh? The entertaiment for the Solavei National Launch included C.Lo Green performaing for a packed house and 10’s of thousands of people on the internet. We also had John Gray in the house along with Danny Gokey, finalist from American Idol.

Solavei National Launch – Awesome SWAG

So I have to show you in the video the cool Solavei SWAG they sent to each member that was activly promoting the Solavei buisness for free 🙂 to celeprate the National Launch for Solavei.

At the house Sarah Rocking out the new our new SWAG for the Solavei National Launch event!

Solavei National Launch

Check out more details about Solavei here on my Solavei Review

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Where the Best MLM Leads Come From

 Did you know that the best MLM leads are those that are coming directly from your niche market?  This is because these are the people that want to do what you are doing, or they may be the niche market for your product.
For the sake of argument though, we need to talk about getting the leads that are going to convert. It’s great to get traffic to your blog and to your authority site, but you MUST get leads that convert in order to make sales AND build a team of your own. Isn’t that the point of working to get lthe best MLM Leads?
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How MLSP Can Help You Get the Best MLM Leads

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Invest in Your Business to Get the Best MLM Leads

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Solavei Website

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Solavei Website – How to Install


I recorded a quick video on how to install the new wordpress theme available from the Solavei Website. In the video I have taken you through step by step instructions how to find, download the Solavei Website theme and how to install worpress from the CPannel. Its actually a real easy process to follow as long as you take your time and pay attention to the details in the video. Here is an example of what your website will look like when installed ; My Solavei Website

Solavei Website – Tips Before You Start

Before starting the installation of your new Solavei Website, you will need to have purchase or have an existing Domain. Once you have purchased your Domain, you will need to have it set up on your hosting providers site. After you have your domain set-up on your Hosting provider you are ready to get your new Solavei Website theme installed.

Watch this video to get the step by step instructions that I followed to set-up my Solavei Website on Hostgator.

 Configuring Your Solavei Website

Once you have installed your Solavei Website, you will need to take about 5 minutes to configure Continue Reading….


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