December 2012

Growing up Mary Kay was a household name. I can remember hearing about the company and seeing the Pink Cadillac’s driving around town. Even to this day the car is one of the biggest advertising tools the company uses. Just think how great of a reward is to know that you could earn the privilege to drive possibly the only Pink Cadillac in town. The main reason I picked to write a Mary Kay Review is because of the company’s success, growth and longevity in a very competitive marketplace.

mary kay review

Mary Kay – Why Purchase their Products

 One of the most notable things that I noticed and why I would recommend purchasing or selling Mary Kay Products is that they spend millions of dollars in product testing and research. They have performed more than 500K tests to ensure the Mary Kay products are of the highest quality and safe for their customers. Mary Kay just doesn’t outsource the manufacturing of their products; they Continue Reading….


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How Do I Build an Email List

One of the questions I get quite often is How to build an email list? I’m sure you may have heard that if you want to make money online or even offline you need to build have a list. For most the idea how do i build an email list is a mystery and can be rather overwhelming. In this post I want to help take the mystery and fear out of learning how do I build an email list and why you want one.

How To Build A List

Why Have a Email List

Having a email list equals “Freedom” ,  Anyone I know who is Making Money is spending the most money on lead generation to build a bigger list. When you have a list and If you have the right audience, you can never go broke, In Fact you can get rich fast. That’s why they say money is Continue Reading….


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Getting Traffic – #1 Question


One of the #1 questions I get asked is “How to get Traffic”!  That is an important question, because without Traffic, you can not get Leads or Buyers. Learning how to get traffic is actually not as hard as you might think, but there is some technique and guidelines you need to follow. One of the challenges is being able to keep up with all of the changes. that happen. I was just looking back at a free report that I was giving away back in 2007, Wow has the traffic game change since then! What once worked well then is almost none existent now, for instance Myspace was a great source for some of the products and services I promoted back then, but now there are so many other options.

Problem - Getting Traffic to your web site

Not All Traffic is Created Equal

When you looking for a way to getting Traffic for your website or offer, you need to make sure that you are going after the “right” audience or you Continue Reading….


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Envision your Best Life With A Vision Board

 You make have read or heard that if you want to achieve a goal that you have to write it down and make sure you keep it in front of you, right? I know that I “always” have some pretty big goals that I want to reach, as a matter of fact they may seem like a dream to some people. One of the most powerful tools is a “Dream Board” or some call it a “Vision Board”. I like to refer to them as a Vision Board, because it is my vision how my Life will be, but either name is correct.

create a vision board

The reason Vision Boards are so powerful  is that they are not just a piece of paper or a document that is in a file on your computer that you don’t see every day, they are usually so large that you have to mount it on your wall. When it comes to quick, clear communication for your Brain to process, visuals trump text almost every time!

 As Napoleon Hill has written in the second step to Riches ~ “Through Visualization of and Belief in the attainment of Desire” Then Napoleon Hill says on page 30, that “there are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge” Can you see how a Vision Board is related to Napoleon Hill’s writings?

Designing Your Vision Board – Where To Start

 This is the most important step in how to Create your Vision Board. “You have to know  Continue Reading….


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  I would like to ask you to take the time to read this post, it might just change the life of a Service Member or someone close to them…

  We still have Tens of thousands of troops deployed, many of them that have seen multiple tours in remote and hostile regions around the world. During these deployments away from their families and friends along with the conditions they have to endure, we need to give them our support. I was looking a way to help support our Troops overseas, especially during the Holidays. One group I found and support is Operation Gratitude.

operation gratitude


How Operation Gratitude Helps Our Troops


    Operation Gratitude’s mission is to help put smiles on the faces of our U.S. Military that are deployed overseas in combat areas by sending personalized letters and care packages in the individual’s name, that’s pretty cool if Continue Reading….


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