May 2013

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Mike Klingler: the Funnel Master


Mike Klingler who is he Those of you reading this that are in network marketing should know who Mike Klingler is, but if you don’t then you will now.

Mike Klingler has developed one of the most sought after marketing funnel mastery courses available, and that means that it’s worth the time for you to continue to read this. Why? Because if you don’t have a marketing funnel, then you cannot grow your business.

Those who have attended his course know the different that it can make, and I can tell you first hand that the idea I had of what funnels were has all changed because of his course.


What  Mike Klingler Teaches

Want to know exactly what Mike Klingler is teaching? He is teaching what many advanced online marketers refer to as the missing link to your business.

The training doesn’t stop with the marketing funnel either, but continues into social media, blogging, and anything else that you can imagine. Mike teaches you how and why all of these things should be used in conjunction with each other, and of course, Mike will be completely honest with you about everything.

The reality is that if you are not using a marketing funnel and you are not managing it and working your online marketing, then you are actually benefitting someone else’s business. Make sense?

Why You Should Value What Mike Klingler Has to Say

If you have been reading this article the whole way through, then you already know what I am going tell you. You should value what Mike Klingler is telling you because if you are trying to run an online business, you need this.

Think about it like this; even if you learn many different skills, how are you going to put them to good use if you don’t have the marketing funnel in place? This means that your efforts could be in vain all without putting the marketing funnel into place.

Have you heard that you need to plan your work and work your plan? This means that you need to bring focus to your business and plan each day what you are going to do and how you are going to do it.

Mike Klingler: Brand Yourself!

Brand Yourself

Ultimately, as Mike Klingler tells so many, you must brand yourself. This is what separates you from the competition, and until you do that you can’t market anything. The funnel is simply there for you once you attract business.

If you want to build an online business, like Mike Klingler is teaching, then click here now to team up with me to find out!

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 Wishing You Great Success!

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  Your probably thinking this is a pretty easy question to answer, but its surprising how many people don’t realize how easy it is to get some really great material from Great Motivational Leaders.

How to Find Great Motivational Leaders

Where to Find Great Motivational Leaders Content Free


I know this sounds too simple but you just need to know what Author or Tittle you want and Google it. Ok, I know your saying I didn’t need to read this blog post to find that out, BUT most people don’t do it. Someone tells them a good book title and the first place they go is Amazon and buy it.  But what I am telling you is that you can find a lot of great content on Great Motivational Leaders for FREE and its Continue Reading….

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Learning how to write content that ranks well in Google and the other search engines is really not that hard to do. There has been a lot of mystery about writing content that ranks well, but you just need to follow some basic guidelines or you can get penalized as many have with google updates like Panda.

panda takes the mystery out of SEO


Check out this resource I just had to share,an infographic from Michael Lykke Aagaard that lays out his tips how to write content that ranks.

Michael says:

Copy is one of the most important aspects of onsite Search Engine Optimization.

But with all the algorithm updates Google has pushed in recent years, a lot of the old tricks and best practices don’t work Continue Reading….


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