June 2013

 Why You Want To Optimize Images


Optimize Images  In this post I want to show you how to Optimize Images when writing your blog post.  When you are trying to get your blog post to Rank well in the search engines you know how important the small details can be in getting you to the top. With the focus to get better search ranking, one of the missed opportunities is that many blog posts are not optimizing images correctly resulting in possible loss of traffic and better ranking with the search engines. If you take a few minutes to optimize Images before you publish your blog post, its like adding frosting to a cake. Let me show you what you can do starting today to optimize images in your wordpress blog post starting today!

Use Descriptive File Names To Optimize Images

It is often I see an image on a blog post and it named 001.jpg or something along those lines.  Not using a descriptive file name is a missed opportunity to optimize your blog post.  If you are going to upload a picture of your company marketing event you will want to name it something like this: mlsplivethedreamevent2013.jpg , not 002.jpg. You see how the first description describes what the picture is about? Think about how customers search for products, what naming patterns do they use? This is what the search engines are looking for when they are trying to determine how Continue Reading….


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Question; Can I use MLSP to Promote My Primary Business?
I get asked this question pretty often ,So I thought that I would take a few minutes to help answer that question.

Yes MLSP Can Help Promote Your Primary Business


more leads for primary business

As a matter of fact that is one of the reasons MLSP (also known as My Lead System Pro) was created, to help train and provide the best tools for you to succeed. There are many top Network Marketers that have built their primary business using MLSP. Just check the Leaderboards and you will see them dominating MLSP Leader boards in Leads and sign ups.

MLSP Helps You Position Yourself As A Leader

MLSP helps solve one of the biggest problems that most Network Marketers face in the MLM industry; they teach you how to position yourself as a leader in the industry. This is one of the most important Continue Reading….


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If you were wondering how Google really works, that’s really the million dollar question!I normally don’t write much about Google because as most of us already know “they” are a powerful force to be reckoned with. More than likely there are Men in Black Suits sitting outside my house right now, because Google knows that I am writing about Google…

Men In Black Suits

Since coming on the scene in late 1996. At that time search engines like Yahoo, MSN and other conventional types of search engines ranked websites by how many times a search term was written on a page, Pretty Simple right?

 Google Comes On The Scene

In 1996 Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google Founders) decided that their had to be a better system to analyze  websites. That’s when they developed technology that is Continue Reading….


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What is a marketing funnel? That might be a foreign question to you if you are new to online marketing, but don’t lose heart I will explain it. A marketing funnel is one of the critical keys to building a successful business and your Freedom.  Read this entire article so that you can learn more about what is needed to get your marketing funnel up and running!

What is a Marketing Funnel?


What is a funnel questionFor those of you who don’t know what a marketing funnel is, let’s get to it. Think about what a funnel really is. You might think of a tornado first, that takes you by storm, and you might think about things that get sucked in fast and either continue on or get spit out.

This is the same principle as a marketing funnel that you would use to build your business. There are normally a few steps in the Sales Funnel process simply because once you capture your targeted customer you want to accomplish some critical steps to get them through your funnel. Designing your own Marketing Funnel can be technically challenging, especially if you are new to marketing and don’t have the technical skills.

Designing A Marketing Funnel

In designing a good marketing funnel system there are many psychological factors that are considered when designing the process that your Lead will follow. Dialing in a good funnel that converts can be very time consuming and costly if you’re just learning the basics. Because of the time involved in learning, testing its usually best to use a system like MLSP that already has a marketing funnel that is already tested and ready to go.

Sales Funnel

Floating Through the Marketing Funnel

There are many phases of a funnel including the initial phase of discovery like. That could be a magazine ad, internet search or an online paid ad that attracted the lead to the first stage of your marketing funnel. Some refer to this as a trigger, but call it what you want, it got their attention!

If you did your job correctly, you have peaked the leads interest in your offer / product and you take them to your squeeze page where you deliver enough information so that your lead wants to know more, this is the most important step of the funnel as you now are capturing their contact information.  That Lead then gets added to a database that you own, most people use Aweber or GVO for that purpose.

Normally the next step in your marketing funnel is exposing your new Lead to your product or service.  This is what we call the exploration stage; or rather they are discovering what it is that you have to offer. Makes sense right?  This is the point that your lead can decide which path they wish to take, they may make the purchase at that time or not, but don’t worry it’s not over yet!

Sales Marketing funnel

What Happens to The Leads In A Marketing Funnel?

Heres where the design of your funnel pays off, sometimes resulting in thousands of dollars of recurring sales. Many people get disappointed when they don’t initially convert a lead to sale, but thats ok!

A VERY important part of your marketing funnel is the follow up sequence that you have built into your sales funnel. This is where your emails start working for you on autopilot and build relationships with your subscribers. Sometimes it takes 10+ exposures to your offer before someone makes that buying decision.

Email Sequence

As you can see there are a lot of moving part to a successful marketing funnel. I have built many marketing funnels, but to be honest with you I prefer to focus on getting traffic and let someone else do the heavy lifting for me. That’s why I have used the marketing funnels that have been designed and tested by some of the best internet marketers in MLSP.

 Take a test drive of the same powerful marketing tools I use and you can use to make a new life and a new business with new results? CLICK HERE and  get immediate access to the same Marketing Funnel System I use.

 Wishing You Great Success! 

Rich Miller



Rich Miller MLSP









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The value of MLSP Weekly Webinars is no doubt not quite understood until one has attended. Why? There is so much to MLSP that you couldn’t possibly cover all that is involved unless you really go “all in” and take it apart bit by bit. Make sense? I want to share with you what is involved in these MLSP weekly webinars, and why you need to be on them, do or die.

MLSP Free Weekly Webinars

MLSP Weekly Webinars | What You Get

 These webinars could be the lifeblood of your business outside of your leads, so don’t dismiss this. Remember, that without MLSP, you may not get the leads you need in the first place! These webinars are free, and it’s like being your own classroom, with plenty of opportunity to learn everything you need to know and more!e you join up with MLSP you will begin to see the value of MLSP weekly webinars. It isn’t what you think, in fact, you will discover that this is a community that teaches network marketers how to run and Continue Reading….


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 MLSP Leadership Team and why they created MLSP


In today’s post I want to talk about MLSP Leadership Team and why they created MLSP. You might just be surprised when you hear why they did it!

Also I want to warn you this is not a general overview of the MLSP Leadership Team, I didn’t have to look up their BIO’s to write about them, I have had the great opportunity to meet each one of the MLSP Leadership Team and spend some time talking with them over the last 3 years.

MLSP Leadership Team

MLSP Leadership Team – Founders Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and Todd Schlomer

Let’s start at the beginning with who they are and why they created MLSP.  In their early marketing careers Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and Todd Schlomer  had experienced some of the same results that other beginners encounter when they started out in internet marketing– Low to No Results, Increased Debt, and a lot of time wasted.

Eventually they sorted through all the programs that yielded no results for them and they started have their own personal success rising up to take their place as top successful Internet Marketers. But that was not enough for them.

So in 2008 they realized they wanted to help others have the same success they had, to help other marketers become successful without Continue Reading….


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Is Making Money Online Like Walking A Tightrope?

June 24, 2013

I just watched Nik Wallenda competed a successful walk on a across the Grand Canyon on a 2” cable!  Nik Wallenda walked on that tiny cable 1,400 feet across the Canyon, but while doing that he  even looked down while walking 1,500 feet above the Canyon floor; that’s higher than the Empire State Building! And […]

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