October 2013

If you are YouTube Video Marketing, the one thing that you don’t want to happen is to get your Videos Banned by YouTube. I see a lot of marketers posting questions to find out how to get their YouTube account back after it is too late. It takes a lot of work and time to get your channel back when you get banned by YouTube.

I was just one of our weekly Wednesday MLSP webinars with Mark Harbert who shared some great tips on how not to get banned by YouTube. If you don’t know who he is, Mark Harbert is one of the best YouTube marketers in the business and knows the In & Outs to get ranked and keep from being banned on YouTube.

Banned by Youtube Image

What Not To Do That Will Get You Banned by YouTube

Don’t create videos that provide little value to the user. For an example, if you put a video together about Recruiting Tips, but your video is about creating a Facebook page, you’re just going to turn off your visitors.

You need to give the user what they were searching for, otherwise you’re wasting time for both the person who searched and found your video ( it really pisses them off, enough to report your video and get you banned off of YouTube). AND you’re wasting your time because you are not going to get any leads or signups from a poor quality video.

Do Not Use any type of automated software that logs into your account and posts comment – Google will figure this out and possibly close your account.  And it really annoys the account holders too!

Do not Keyword Stuff your video descriptions or the title of your videos with “Garbage” and “Useless keywords just so you can rank for those keywords – Keyword Stuffing will get you Continue Reading….


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Solavei Marketplace Is Here!


Mobile Cell service was just the beginning, it was just announced  that Solavei Marketplace just opened to its members. Solavei Marketplace is a new program for its members offering Cash-back rewards from National and Local Retailers when they use their Solavei Card to purchase a wide range of goods from participation retailers.

solavei marketplace launch

I think that concept is really cool, especially because it’s a FREE benefit and you get discounts for shopping where you would normally go anyway, Its really a Win-Win!!!

  • Currently thousands of vendors and merchants now participate.NO Fees! – That’s right, there are no additional hidden fees to get these discounts!
  • NO Fees! – That’s right, there are no additional hidden fees to get these discounts!

How Solavei Marketplace Works

To be eligible to benefit from the Solavei Marketplace, you just have to be a customer of Solavei’s Mobile Phone Service. You then just need to sign up to Continue Reading….


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This GanoLife review was written because the are so many home business opportunities to chose from and not many Unbiased Reviews like this GanoLife Review.

Like many of you I am always interested in what new business opportunities are popular and interesting. One thing that caught my interest was that GanoLife was all about Coffee! That’s why I had to know more about this network marketing company.

This Unbiased GanoLife review is here to help everyone and is not an advertisement or a ploy to get you to join GanoLife, because I am not involved in the business.  If you have more information on Ganolife, please comment below, especially if you are already a Rep or customer of GanoLife…

You may be here because you were searching for information on GanoLife to join the company as a network marketing rep or maybe your only interested in GanoLifes products.

Let’s take a look together at the GanoLife’s business and products together in this review.

GanoLife – What Is it?

GanoLife is a Network Marketing Company or also referred to as an MLM – Multi Level Marketing Company.  I love Network Marketing companies, because of the ability to earn unlimited income, you just need to have the right Company (Products, Comp Plan, ) and tools to build your business. But most of all you have to have the drive and desire to be successful.

Their mission is to unite the health and coffee industries. Their main product is healthy Coffee made with the purest form of ganoderma lucidum.

In October 2012, GanoLife International was formed in Lima Peru. The Founder Christopher Tidwell promised to make GanoLife the Network Marketing Company of the new millennium.

GanoLife Leadership

One of the main things that I look for in a company other than the products, is the leadership that is guiding the company.  From his Linkedin profile Joven Cabasag was once the CEO with Gano Excell before moving over to Continue Reading….

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