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Why SlideShare for SEO Is the Sleeping Giant Of Content Marketing

Sleeping Giant SlideShare For SEO

If you’re not using SlideShare for SEO, you’re missing out on getting your share of 60+ Million visitors a month! SlideShare is ranked 129th out of millions of websites on the internet, Now I bet you are starting to see the opportunities using SlideShare.

What’s cool about Using SlideShare for SEO purposes is that it is really easy to use and if used correctly it is a very powerful tool!

Ranks Better On Google = More Traffic – You get the huge advantage of Continue Reading….


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What Is Pingler?


Pingler Tools

Pingler is a Internet marketing tool that is Web based that marketers use to ping their blog or website automatically. It is a web based software that allows users to get their blog post URL pinged to the search engines like Goggle, Bing etc. Pinging was and still is one of the secret tricks that many used to get their blog ranked fast in the search engines because your site and page(s) get indexed faster. The main reason that I like Pingler is that it automates the process for me with a few clicks. It saves me from individually submitting my links.

 How To Use Pingler

Pingler is probably one of the easiest tools that I have used in a long time. It’s a web-based tool that will allow you to use it free or Continue Reading….

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 Why You Want To Optimize Images


Optimize Images  In this post I want to show you how to Optimize Images when writing your blog post.  When you are trying to get your blog post to Rank well in the search engines you know how important the small details can be in getting you to the top. With the focus to get better search ranking, one of the missed opportunities is that many blog posts are not optimizing images correctly resulting in possible loss of traffic and better ranking with the search engines. If you take a few minutes to optimize Images before you publish your blog post, its like adding frosting to a cake. Let me show you what you can do starting today to optimize images in your wordpress blog post starting today!

Use Descriptive File Names To Optimize Images

It is often I see an image on a blog post and it named 001.jpg or something along those lines.  Not using a descriptive file name is a missed opportunity to optimize your blog post.  If you are going to upload a picture of your company marketing event you will want to name it something like this: mlsplivethedreamevent2013.jpg , not 002.jpg. You see how the first description describes what the picture is about? Think about how customers search for products, what naming patterns do they use? This is what the search engines are looking for when they are trying to determine how Continue Reading….


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If you were wondering how Google really works, that’s really the million dollar question!I normally don’t write much about Google because as most of us already know “they” are a powerful force to be reckoned with. More than likely there are Men in Black Suits sitting outside my house right now, because Google knows that I am writing about Google…

Men In Black Suits

Since coming on the scene in late 1996. At that time search engines like Yahoo, MSN and other conventional types of search engines ranked websites by how many times a search term was written on a page, Pretty Simple right?

 Google Comes On The Scene

In 1996 Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google Founders) decided that their had to be a better system to analyze  websites. That’s when they developed technology that is Continue Reading….


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Learning how to write content that ranks well in Google and the other search engines is really not that hard to do. There has been a lot of mystery about writing content that ranks well, but you just need to follow some basic guidelines or you can get penalized as many have with google updates like Panda.

panda takes the mystery out of SEO


Check out this resource I just had to share,an infographic from Michael Lykke Aagaard that lays out his tips how to write content that ranks.

Michael says:

Copy is one of the most important aspects of onsite Search Engine Optimization.

But with all the algorithm updates Google has pushed in recent years, a lot of the old tricks and best practices don’t work Continue Reading….


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Why Custom Permalinks for SEO

When you are setting up your blog, having the correct custom permalink can greatly improve your Blogs ability to rank in the major search engines. You might ask what is a permalink?  A Permalink is a part of the URL that identifies the blog post / page on your blog. Permalinks should always be Keyword and SEO Optimized, to drive Targeted Traffic to your blog.

Examples of Custom Permalinks

When you initially set up your blog, by default, WordPress uses a simple numeric variable structure that looks like this:

Custom Permalinks

It’s not pretty and it does not tell you what the post or page is actually about and it is not keyword optimized, that is why you need to use custom permalinks.

Some examples of custom permalink structures that I have used with success:

Custom Permalinks

When you change your default permalink to one of the above examples of custom permalinks, your URL will display your article keyword(s). Also see my Continue Reading….

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6 Tips For Writing Effective Blog Posts

March 18, 2013

Don’t make the same mistake that many seasoned marketers have made when writing effective blog posts fail. Are you looking to create great blog posts, the type that keep your readers coming back to your blog for more?  The type of blog post that your readers want to share with their friends? Coming up with […]

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