6 Tips For Writing Effective Blog Posts

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6 Tips for writing effective blog posts

Don’t make the same mistake that many seasoned marketers have made when writing effective blog posts fail. Are you looking to create great blog posts, the type that keep your readers coming back to your blog for more?  The type of blog post that your readers want to share with their friends? Coming up with good, valuable content to write about is only one-step in writing effective blog posts.

 Tip#1 Writing Effective Blog Posts – Identify Your Audience Needs

One of the biggest things that virtually everyone can identify with is that we all have in the past or are currently struggling. Writing effective blog posts is the key is to identify who is your audience and then Identify what they may be struggling with now. Know what causes them pain and frustration. The things that are holding them back, keeping them from accomplishing their goals.

 Tip#2 To Writing Effective Blog Posts – Provide Solutions

Writing Effective Blog Posts – Provide SolutionsNow that you have identified what all you have to do is provide answers, solutions to help your reader eliminate the things that are holding them back. This opens the door for you to be able to put together many different types of content that your reader will come back for more. Writing Effective Blog Posts then becomes easy as you can write step by step instructions including screen captures to help guide your reader through a process. You could also add in a few videos to your blog post showing your reader how to do it. We are visual when it comes to learning, so the more you communicate visually the better you will be able to identify with your audience.

Tip#3 To Writing Effective Blog Posts – Ask Your Audience

One step that will help when Writing effective blog posts is to ask your readers what they need. We sometimes think we know it all, but in actuality we need to ask the right questions to that what they really need. Think about it this way: What if when you go into a Steak House and the waiter automatically brings you a Steak? How do they know that’s what you really came there to eat? There are many other menu items you could have wanted, but he assumed because you are in a steak house you want steak. Its an extreme example but you get the idea. In order to write effective blog posts that your reader wants to read, ones that will help them, you have to ask the right questions up front.

Tip#4 To Writing Effective Blog Posts – Story Telling

Writing Effective Blog Posts – Story Telling People are attracted to stories, the type that inspire, challenge and most of all stories of triumph.  Some of the best blog posts are written so that you feel that you were there side by side with the author from the beginning of their journey, through all of their challenges and most important you are inspired by the content delivered and feel confident that they can accomplish the same results. Again, I recommend adding pictures that help your reader identify and follow your story.


Tip#5 Writing Effective Blog Posts – Effective Call to Action

Ultimately, our main goal is to drive traffic to our blog and the second is to convert the traffic into returning readers and customers.  If you have a product that you are promoting you will want to include and call to action that tells your reader what step to do next.

Writing Effective Blog Posts – Effective Call to Action

That is a very important part of your call to action. You cannot just put an opt-in form on your blog post and expect people to fill in their information. You need to tell them what to do next, what to expect when they follow your instructions. I will go further into more details on another post, but you get the idea.

Tip#6 Writing Effective Blog Posts – Share, Share Share!

Writing Effective Blog Posts Sharing

When Writing Effective Blog Posts, you will want to encourage the reader to share your post with their friends to read.  There are many ways to accomplish this such as Social Media plug-in’s that are located in different locations on your blog page. Most of these plug-in’s are FREE and very easy to setup. Don’t forget to place a call to action for your reader to share your content!

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Rich Miller Writing Effective Blog Posts

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