Setting Up Custom Permalinks For Your Blog

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Why Custom Permalinks for SEO

When you are setting up your blog, having the correct custom permalink can greatly improve your Blogs ability to rank in the major search engines. You might ask what is a permalink?  A Permalink is a part of the URL that identifies the blog post / page on your blog. Permalinks should always be Keyword and SEO Optimized, to drive Targeted Traffic to your blog.

Examples of Custom Permalinks

When you initially set up your blog, by default, WordPress uses a simple numeric variable structure that looks like this:

Custom Permalinks

It’s not pretty and it does not tell you what the post or page is actually about and it is not keyword optimized, that is why you need to use custom permalinks.

Some examples of custom permalink structures that I have used with success:

Custom Permalinks

When you change your default permalink to one of the above examples of custom permalinks, your URL will display your article keyword(s). Also see my other blog posts for Writing Effective Blog Posts to optimize your blog.

How To Add Custom Permalinks

Its real easy to change and use custom permalinks in WordPress. You need to log in to your WordPress dashboard, Go to Settings, Click On Permalinks. Scroll down the page to “Custom Structure” and make your change. Hit “Save Changes” .

Example Of WordPress Permalink Setting Page:

custom permalinks setting in WordPress

 Check out my Video below for more information on setting up Custom Permalinks on your blog.


Now you see its pretty easy to change your Permalink from the default to a Custom Permalink in a matter of minutes.

For best results, you need to take action right after your WordPress installation and set up one of the above examples before you start posting.

Try not to wait until after you have created pages or posts because when you change your Permalink structure, it can change and break links to internal and external pages, which can cause page errors. There are plugins that are available to install that are designed to repair broken links when you change your custom permalinks. Just search in wordpress org for “Advanced Permalinks” and you will find a plugin that may help you with your change to Custom Permalinks.

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  • Great tips and a lot of value given. I’m starting a Blogger platform and still learning about SEO. Thanks

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