Learn How to Optimize Images in Your Blog Posts

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 Why You Want To Optimize Images


Optimize Images  In this post I want to show you how to Optimize Images when writing your blog post.  When you are trying to get your blog post to Rank well in the search engines you know how important the small details can be in getting you to the top. With the focus to get better search ranking, one of the missed opportunities is that many blog posts are not optimizing images correctly resulting in possible loss of traffic and better ranking with the search engines. If you take a few minutes to optimize Images before you publish your blog post, its like adding frosting to a cake. Let me show you what you can do starting today to optimize images in your wordpress blog post starting today!

Use Descriptive File Names To Optimize Images

It is often I see an image on a blog post and it named 001.jpg or something along those lines.  Not using a descriptive file name is a missed opportunity to optimize your blog post.  If you are going to upload a picture of your company marketing event you will want to name it something like this: mlsplivethedreamevent2013.jpg , not 002.jpg. You see how the first description describes what the picture is about? Think about how customers search for products, what naming patterns do they use? This is what the search engines are looking for when they are trying to determine how your site fits into categories for search results. One thing I do for at least one image is to use the main keyword in the file name that I am trying to rank for in that post.

Don’t Forget To Use The Title When You Optimize Images

You have to think how Google would sort through all of the data on the internet to find information that someone is searching to find. Think of your blog post as a book and the images are another way to convey the title of your book.

Your title might be: MLSP  Live The Dream Event October 2013 Dallas Texas

You’re just writing an expanded version of your ALT Tags that you would use when optimizing images.

Optimize Images Using ALT Tags

This is one tip that I am sure most of you are already doing to optimize images when inserting them into your blog post.. Using ALT tags are your keyword that you are using and trying to rank for in your blog post. here is an example what I would use for the example above I would use for my ALT Tag : mlsp live the dream 

 Some people use the same text for the Title and ALT tags, but I like to give more text to describe the post in the title, just like a book.

What you do not want to do is stuff in a bunch of keywords all at one time, because the search engines may penalize you for that. For example: MLSP, System, Event, Network Marketing, MLM … If you fill the “alt” attributes by stuffing keywords can cause your site to be looked at by the search engines as spam.

Your spend a lot of time with keyword research and writing your content, you don’t want to forget to optimize images for that extra boost with the search engines. Check out another similar post on How To Write Content That Ranks. Take a little bit of time to make some small tweaks like learning to Optimize Images that will pay off in the long run. 

Wishing You Great Success!

Rich Miller



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