Using Slideshare for SEO – Why You Need It In Your SEO Tool Box

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Why SlideShare for SEO Is the Sleeping Giant Of Content Marketing

Sleeping Giant SlideShare For SEO

If you’re not using SlideShare for SEO, you’re missing out on getting your share of 60+ Million visitors a month! SlideShare is ranked 129th out of millions of websites on the internet, Now I bet you are starting to see the opportunities using SlideShare.

What’s cool about Using SlideShare for SEO purposes is that it is really easy to use and if used correctly it is a very powerful tool!

Ranks Better On Google = More Traffic – You get the huge advantage of all the exposure and traffic that comes with a site that is  ranked in the top 150 websites.
Funnel For Leads – One thing that separates SlideShare from social channels is that premium users are able to add leads capture forms embedded in the slides.

Using SlideShare for SEO

More Reasons Why SlideShare For SEO Rocks

Google looks at SideShare as an authority site and outranks most other websites on Google. Using conventional SEO practices you can help increase your SlideShare for SEO rankings. One of the best ways to maximize a SlideShare document is to get backlinks to the presentation.

 This Tip is so powerful , this is the first time I have shared this one… Write a post on your blog about the same subject and then “Embed” your SlideShare presentation. Then you need to build backlinks to that blog post and you get 2x the results for your link building efforts. Your blog post will rank higher and your SlideShare will also rank higher.

Using SlideShare for SEO – What Content Works Best for A SlideShare Presentation

The best answer to this question is – Any content is good for SlideShare, but the more you put into your presentation, the better chance someone is going to look at it.

 A few tips to create SlideShare Presentations:

 Make your presentations stand out from the crowd.

  • Use great graphics and pictures
  • Write Eye catching Headlines
  • Use your SlideShare presentation to drive your audience to other  SlideShare Presentations.

 Content is King – It always is… Make your content stand out, it will make the difference between good and great results!

Not only can you create power points, you can upload PDF’s and other documents. Or even cooler you can create a webinar or audio file using their “slidecasting tool”.

Slideshare for SEO

These are all great reasons why you should be using SlideShare for SEO. But donton’t forget about Youtube, you can embed Youtube videos in a slideShare presentation and get the benefit of the power of Youtube for backlinks AND from SlideShare too..

Here is another nugget for you, take your blog post and turn it into a PDF, upload it to SlideShare and BAMM! You have a presentation in minutes…

I hope you found some good information you can use in this post on Using Slideshare for SEO, if so please comment below and “Like / Share” it on Facebook…

Wishing You Great Success!

Rich Miller, Internet marketer



Rich Miller

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  • Karl E Bennett Jr

    Great article Rich. I knew of slideshare, but I did not know how effective they are. Once again, thanks for the article.

    • Between SlideShare and YouTube they are dominating a lot of the search results on the fist page of google.
      I appreciate you stopping by and checking out my blog.

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  • MSI Sakib

    How can I get active backlink from slideshare?

  • Great article Rich.


    Which theoretical position is the article promoting when analyzing International Relations, Realism or Interdependence?

  • I usually built my slidehshare presentation but the tip to embed my slideshare in blog post is the new thing i learnt.. Thanks a lot i will try to implement in my blog and see the results..

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