How to Write Content that Ranks

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Learning how to write content that ranks well in Google and the other search engines is really not that hard to do. There has been a lot of mystery about writing content that ranks well, but you just need to follow some basic guidelines or you can get penalized as many have with google updates like Panda.

panda takes the mystery out of SEO


Check out this resource I just had to share,an infographic from Michael Lykke Aagaard that lays out his tips how to write content that ranks.

Michael says:

Copy is one of the most important aspects of onsite Search Engine Optimization.

But with all the algorithm updates Google has pushed in recent years, a lot of the old tricks and best practices don’t work anymore.

Moreover, it’s really hard to keep track of what does work.


Check out these 10 Tips how to write content that ranks


 How to Write Content that Ranks

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How to Write Content that Ranks

Wishing You Great Success!

Write Content that Ranks in 2013



How to Write Content that Ranks







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