Mastermind Groups are a powerful part of many Successful Markers personal success over the years, especially when working Online.

With today’s technology it’s still nice to get together in a room and share thoughts, where you might be stuck, share some best practices and find better ways to build your business.

Just recently I attended our 2nd MLSP Philly Mastermind and wanted to share with you why they are so important to your business.

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If you are serious about building your business, maybe looking for a breakthrough you really need to get together in person with a group like our MLSP Philly Mastermind.

We have another MLSP Philly Mastermind coming up soon,  and I can’t wait!!

MLSP is the online equivalent to the world-class Harvard school of business for Continue Reading….


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The power of live events is very underestimated by many marketers. Some have a problem with Live Events because many of you reading this truly believe that there is nothing worse than going into a crowded place where you spend a few days and are continually pitched more products to buy.

The Power of Live Events

I can assure that if you are going to the right events, and the ones that are being run by true leaders, that you will believe otherwise. I am going to share with you why there is power in live events, and what you can do to be sure that you harness every bit of it.

Why the Power of Live Events Can Change Lives

It always amazes me that so many people try to dispel the power of live events. I understand the caution, and I get that many people are often looking for answers, that one thing that will give them that big breakthrough. You can get those nuggets, but you have to be ready to accept th

Power Of Live Events
One of the biggest benefits to attending live events is not speakers, not the products they are selling either. The real power of live events is the connections that you make at these events. And its these connections that can Continue Reading….


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Maximum Leverage Live

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Maximum Leverage Live Event – December 2011


Maximum Leverage LiveI reciently returned from Daegan Smith’s first Maximum Leverage Live event hosted here in Baltimore Maryland. Daegan’s event was announced just a few weeks following MLSPS Live The Dream II held in Orlando this year where Daegan was the closing speaker. So how cool was it that he announced an event of this magnitude would be hosted almost in my own back yard. When Daegan announced the Maximum Leverage Live event to the Inner Circle, the ticket price was only $199 and if you were a member of Maximum Leverage you got 50% off. When I read his email, I really thought there was a misprint; I would have paid easily $1,999 for two full days in the same room Daegan.

Maximum Leverage Live – Why The Excitement About One Event

Anyone that has been involved with Daegan Smith;  already knows how powerful such an event as Maximum Leverage Live would be to attend. I have been fortunate enough to have attended two events where Daegan was speaking and holding class. I quickly learned that Daegan was the real deal, No BS, he will answer any question while at the same time is very direct and will tell you if you are avoiding taking the right action. At each event, Daegan gave away more “Golden Nuggets” free than all of the speakers combined. And by the way, when Daegan speaks “ALL” the Gurus in the building start taking notes.. Continue Reading….


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I just returned from Las Vegas where I attended MyLeadSystemPro first national convention. If there was a testimonial for attending events, this one was the one event that sealed the deal. The MLSP event was put together by some of the best Internet Marketers in the industry; Norbert Orlewicz , Brian Fanale, Todd Schlomer and the awesome Roxana Hannah. This was truly a Top Level Event  put on by the #1 sponsoring MLM SYSTEM ON THE PLANET. Continue Reading….

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