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Maximum Leverage Live Event – December 2011


Maximum Leverage LiveI reciently returned from Daegan Smith’s first Maximum Leverage Live event hosted here in Baltimore Maryland. Daegan’s event was announced just a few weeks following MLSPS Live The Dream II held in Orlando this year where Daegan was the closing speaker. So how cool was it that he announced an event of this magnitude would be hosted almost in my own back yard. When Daegan announced the Maximum Leverage Live event to the Inner Circle, the ticket price was only $199 and if you were a member of Maximum Leverage you got 50% off. When I read his email, I really thought there was a misprint; I would have paid easily $1,999 for two full days in the same room Daegan.

Maximum Leverage Live – Why The Excitement About One Event

Anyone that has been involved with Daegan Smith;  already knows how powerful such an event as Maximum Leverage Live would be to attend. I have been fortunate enough to have attended two events where Daegan was speaking and holding class. I quickly learned that Daegan was the real deal, No BS, he will answer any question while at the same time is very direct and will tell you if you are avoiding taking the right action. At each event, Daegan gave away more “Golden Nuggets” free than all of the speakers combined. And by the way, when Daegan speaks “ALL” the Gurus in the building start taking notes..

Maximum Leverage Live – Why You Needed To Attend

Reason #1 First of all if you’re at all serious about developing yourself and your business YOU MUST INVEST IN YOURSELF! There is no better way to spend your money and time than to attend live events… especially Maximum Leverage Live!

Reason #2 And one of the most valuable reasons to have attended Maximum Leverage Live, – In attendance for the two days of Maximum Leverage Live were some of the Top Internet and Network Marketers. They were not speakers at the event but were also students to learn from one of the best in the industry. In attendance were Brian Fanale, Cedric Harris, Diane Hochman , Lawrence Tam amd many others. We even had marketers fly in from as far as Africa, United Kingdom and Canada for Maximum Leverage Live. You might ask why  is this important to you?  Imagine dinner and drinks over a two day period with some of the top performers in the industry building relationships and exchanging valuable tips and practices. The power of building relationships with like-minded people is Pricelessl that’s why you needed to addend an event like Maximum Leverage Live.

“ Successful People Can See Things You Cant See”

Reason #3 “The value of the Content that was delivered at Maximum Leverage Live”. Bottom line the content delivered was far more powerful than any book, webinar or ebook you could purchase. Daegan once again over delivered beyond anyone’s expectations. He took us through step by step from the Offer, Copy Writing, Product Creation, Sales Funnels, Sequencing on OTO’s…Way to much to go into detail here, but you get the idea.  A “TON” of content was delivered in a short period of time to a very small group of marketers = PRICELESS!

 Maximum Leverage Live – Recap

Overall Maximum Leverage Live was an amazing event that will be hard to top.. I ended up taking over 40+ pages of notes and ideas which has resulted in an immediate change in the direction my business. I was able to connect with friends, meet new people and build life-changing relationships.  There really is nothing like connecting with someone in person, so be sure not to miss next year’s Maximum Leverage Live Event.

If your just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, Click the Banner below to get more information about how to loin me in the Inner Circle with Daegan Smith and Maximum Leverage Live

Maximum Leverage Live

See You At Next Years Maximum Leverage Live !

To Your Success!



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