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If you are YouTube Video Marketing, the one thing that you don’t want to happen is to get your Videos Banned by YouTube. I see a lot of marketers posting questions to find out how to get their YouTube account back after it is too late. It takes a lot of work and time to get your channel back when you get banned by YouTube.

I was just one of our weekly Wednesday MLSP webinars with Mark Harbert who shared some great tips on how not to get banned by YouTube. If you don’t know who he is, Mark Harbert is one of the best YouTube marketers in the business and knows the In & Outs to get ranked and keep from being banned on YouTube.

Banned by Youtube Image

What Not To Do That Will Get You Banned by YouTube

Don’t create videos that provide little value to the user. For an example, if you put a video together about Recruiting Tips, but your video is about creating a Facebook page, you’re just going to turn off your visitors.

You need to give the user what they were searching for, otherwise you’re wasting time for both the person who searched and found your video ( it really pisses them off, enough to report your video and get you banned off of YouTube). AND you’re wasting your time because you are not going to get any leads or signups from a poor quality video.

Do Not Use any type of automated software that logs into your account and posts comment – Google will figure this out and possibly close your account.  And it really annoys the account holders too!

Do not Keyword Stuff your video descriptions or the title of your videos with “Garbage” and “Useless keywords just so you can rank for those keywords – Keyword Stuffing will get you Continue Reading….


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How To Form Good Habits In 21 Days!


How To Form Good Habits

In my previous blog post, I wrote that poor habits will kill your business. That statement is true for our health and our business. If you have been struggling in getting your business off the ground, you will want to read this post and put in action these action steps. The one Top Secret that all successful internet marketers know is…. Yes you guessed it – You have to know how to form good habits! Without a commitment to taking daily action, your chances of succeeding drop tremendously .

 Here is a breakdown on “How To Form Good Habits” that I picked up from my friend and mentor Roxana Hanna that I want to share with you:

how to form good habits

 So as you can see the process to creating a daily habit is not really that complicated on the surface, but once you decide to add something to your daily routine it usually becomes more difficult after doing it for 2-3 days.

“What You Do Today, Will Make You Proud In A Year!”

How To Form Good Habits Are Easier With The Right Tools

When you’re starting out and learning how to form good habits you need to have a way to keep track of your progress like a spreadsheet or calendar. A word of caution, you can use different tools to remind you to take your daily action, but they are easily dismissed and can be forgotten. The next thing you know is you missed a day. Once you miss a day in developing a habit, the tendency is quit the habit. Ok, so you might be asking what tools are the best to develope a 21 day habit? One of the best “Tools” I use is a accountability group.

How to form good habits

The best accountability group I have found is this facebook group The 21 Day Habit, its an invite only group but just request to add yourself and the Admin will let you in to the group. There is a FAQ that lets you know the rules of the group, but are pretty simple to follow. The cool thing is that everybody in the group is working on the same goal, to learn how to form good habits.

Even once you complete 21 Days of doing your new habit, don’t allow yourself to stop, keep going.  Once you start consistently taking daily actions in your business, you’re going to find success will start to happening in your life!

Wishing You Great Success!

Rich Miller

Rich Miller has been a MLSP Member since 2010.






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I decided to start writing more about what crucial mistakes Internet Marketers are doing that keeps them from making money online. I see this more often now with the technology that we have in place now than ever before. There are so many new tools and systems available to help us but there really is no EASY BUTTON to making money online. Sorry to disappoint you, but thats how it is.. Let us start with a few tips today to help you avoid these mistakes and start-making money.

Making Money Mistakes

#1 Mistake to Making Money Online – If it’s Sounds Too Easy, Then It May Not Be for You

We have so much access to information sharing on Social Networks that we are being exposed to a pilferer of people promoting companies and products with quick success stories, some so unbelievable that I can’t believe the someone actually wrote it.

making money online However, the problem is that there are so many people that are looking for “The Answer” to their financial problems Continue Reading….


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What is a marketing funnel? That might be a foreign question to you if you are new to online marketing, but don’t lose heart I will explain it. A marketing funnel is one of the critical keys to building a successful business and your Freedom.  Read this entire article so that you can learn more about what is needed to get your marketing funnel up and running!

What is a Marketing Funnel?


What is a funnel questionFor those of you who don’t know what a marketing funnel is, let’s get to it. Think about what a funnel really is. You might think of a tornado first, that takes you by storm, and you might think about things that get sucked in fast and either continue on or get spit out.

This is the same principle as a marketing funnel that you would use to build your business. There are normally a few steps in the Sales Funnel process simply because once you capture your targeted customer you want to accomplish some critical steps to get them through your funnel. Designing your own Marketing Funnel can be technically challenging, especially if you are new to marketing and don’t have the technical skills.

Designing A Marketing Funnel

In designing a good marketing funnel system there are many psychological factors that are considered when designing the process that your Lead will follow. Dialing in a good funnel that converts can be very time consuming and costly if you’re just learning the basics. Because of the time involved in learning, testing its usually best to use a system like MLSP that already has a marketing funnel that is already tested and ready to go.

Sales Funnel

Floating Through the Marketing Funnel

There are many phases of a funnel including the initial phase of discovery like. That could be a magazine ad, internet search or an online paid ad that attracted the lead to the first stage of your marketing funnel. Some refer to this as a trigger, but call it what you want, it got their attention!

If you did your job correctly, you have peaked the leads interest in your offer / product and you take them to your squeeze page where you deliver enough information so that your lead wants to know more, this is the most important step of the funnel as you now are capturing their contact information.  That Lead then gets added to a database that you own, most people use Aweber or GVO for that purpose.

Normally the next step in your marketing funnel is exposing your new Lead to your product or service.  This is what we call the exploration stage; or rather they are discovering what it is that you have to offer. Makes sense right?  This is the point that your lead can decide which path they wish to take, they may make the purchase at that time or not, but don’t worry it’s not over yet!

Sales Marketing funnel

What Happens to The Leads In A Marketing Funnel?

Heres where the design of your funnel pays off, sometimes resulting in thousands of dollars of recurring sales. Many people get disappointed when they don’t initially convert a lead to sale, but thats ok!

A VERY important part of your marketing funnel is the follow up sequence that you have built into your sales funnel. This is where your emails start working for you on autopilot and build relationships with your subscribers. Sometimes it takes 10+ exposures to your offer before someone makes that buying decision.

Email Sequence

As you can see there are a lot of moving part to a successful marketing funnel. I have built many marketing funnels, but to be honest with you I prefer to focus on getting traffic and let someone else do the heavy lifting for me. That’s why I have used the marketing funnels that have been designed and tested by some of the best internet marketers in MLSP.

 Take a test drive of the same powerful marketing tools I use and you can use to make a new life and a new business with new results? CLICK HERE and  get immediate access to the same Marketing Funnel System I use.

 Wishing You Great Success! 

Rich Miller



Rich Miller MLSP









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I just watched Nik Wallenda competed a successful walk on a across the Grand Canyon on a 2” cable!  Nik Wallenda walked on that tiny cable 1,400 feet across the Canyon, but while doing that he  even looked down while walking 1,500 feet above the Canyon floor; that’s higher than the Empire State Building!

And he did all this without a safety Net!

Making Money Online


  So you might ask what does Walking a Tightrope have to do with making money online?

In preparation for Nik Wallenda’s tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon he had to study a lot of factors that would effect his walk. Part of his preparation Nik Wallenda started taking action by Continue Reading….


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I recently talked to someone that works a full time job and is trying to make money online to help pay some of their monthly bills. They were pretty stressed because they recently had some unexpected expenses hit.  This post shares my response and might help you if you’re also struggling to find the time or know someone struggling.

No Time To Make Money Online???


make money online

The person I was talking to currently works a full time job, sometimes working  10-12 hour  days, 5 days a week and they told me that they don’t have time to do the things needed for them to be able to make money online.  They had invested a good amount of money in different online programs, eBooks and other tools but can’t seem to have any real results.  During the conversation I pick up a few different RED Flags that Continue Reading….


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My Yeti Microphone Review

April 17, 2013

My Yeti Microphone Review – How It All Started   First, let me ask you, do you have The “FATHead problem”? For those of us who have the “FATHead”, it gets annoying, and I decided it was time to do something about it. You might ask what this has to do with my Yeti Microphone […]

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