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If you are YouTube Video Marketing, the one thing that you don’t want to happen is to get your Videos Banned by YouTube. I see a lot of marketers posting questions to find out how to get their YouTube account back after it is too late. It takes a lot of work and time to get your channel back when you get banned by YouTube.

I was just one of our weekly Wednesday MLSP webinars with Mark Harbert who shared some great tips on how not to get banned by YouTube. If you don’t know who he is, Mark Harbert is one of the best YouTube marketers in the business and knows the In & Outs to get ranked and keep from being banned on YouTube.

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What Not To Do That Will Get You Banned by YouTube

Don’t create videos that provide little value to the user. For an example, if you put a video together about Recruiting Tips, but your video is about creating a Facebook page, you’re just going to turn off your visitors.

You need to give the user what they were searching for, otherwise you’re wasting time for both the person who searched and found your video ( it really pisses them off, enough to report your video and get you banned off of YouTube). AND you’re wasting your time because you are not going to get any leads or signups from a poor quality video.

Do Not Use any type of automated software that logs into your account and posts comment – Google will figure this out and possibly close your account.  And it really annoys the account holders too!

Do not Keyword Stuff your video descriptions or the title of your videos with “Garbage” and “Useless keywords just so you can rank for those keywords – Keyword Stuffing will get youbanned by Youtube quickly! …  Ideally you want your Keyword Density to be around 4% to 7% MAX.

Time Stamps – Another thing some marketers take advantage of is using the video timestamps. If it is apparent that you are using timestamps just for stuffing keywords, it can get you banned by Youtube. The best way to use time stamps is to write a sentence (short description) telling the user what’s in your video at that time stamp.

Thumbnails – Don’t create duplicates and misleading Thumbnails for your videos. Change them up for each video and make sure they are relevant to the content of your video. There is even a thread on this in the google product forums HERE about the misuse of thumbnails.

Banned by Google misleadin Thumbnails

For example, your Video is about generating leads with a product, but you use a thumbnail like this one above – I see pictures like this so often for marketing ads its not funny AND It’s not relevant to your topic and is probably not attracting the type of lead you want and my get your video removed or banned by YouTube!

Don’t upload the “same” video more than one time, Google can tell and it’s a duplicate video and will end up penalizing you for the duplicate content.

Do Not download someone else’s videos and upload them to your account, you don’t want to do this for several reasons

– It’s Not Yours

– Its Duplicate Content and won’t help you rank in the search engines.

And you will probably get banned by YouTube!

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What to Do So You DO  Not Get Banned by YouTube

Always its about the user and the experience you are giving them –  Ask yourself this question – Did you provide the content and information the person that found your Video was looking for?

Write a Great Video Description – The best method is to write a 500 word article and place it in your description of your video – Remember you want to write good quality content for your description. People do actually take time to read it and you want it to represent you well. Write your description including your Keyword so that reads naturally as if it belongs.

Put up good quality content, something Evergreen, Content that has quality will last and keep traffic and leads coming your way.

“End Search” – You will get Great results if Your Video is the last stop for the person searching for your videos topic. Give the user the content and answers they are looking for in their search.

Ensure your videos will reach the widest audience possible.

Create engaging Videos – Keep it fun and interesting.

Keep your user engaged with calls to action using annotations in your videos.

Try to keep your video length around 2 -3 minutes so not to lose the interest of your viewer.

Give genuine comments on other marketers videos – It creates internal back links on YouTube

Like others users Videos and Subscribe to their Channels

Favorite Videos that you like

 Thoughts To Keep from Getting Banned by YouTube

If you think you are crossing the line, then you probably should not do it.

Bottom Line – NO AUTOMATED SOFTWARE for subscribing, liking or commenting! – It will get you banned by YouTube!

You have to treat everything you do as a business; you don’t want to risk losing your YouTube Channel.

Do everything with integrity and consistency so that you are in it for the long run!

Know the rules so you don’t get banned by YouTube and lose all your hard work and income.

Make sure you stay within the terms of service. You can “bend” the rules, but don’t get carried away and get banned by YouTube!

  As you can see, there are a lot of ways to get banned by YouTube, but you can easily avoid those mistakes just by following some simple guidelines. If you are new to YouTube Marketing and are struggling, I Highly recommend Mark Harberts “Tube Traffic Mojo” course to get you on the right track Check it out HERE

One thing that can get you in trouble is not asking questions if you are unsure. If you are unsure or need help – Tap into an online community like MLSP, you will get the help and support to help you succeed!

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Wishing you Great  Success!

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  • Kamibambiraptor

    I must confess that (as a non internet marketer) I found it somewhat dismal that such an article was necessary. A lot of it boils down to “Don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal, don’t spam. Be honest, be informative, be helpful.” All of which I heartily agree with, but so sad that you felt it necessary to remind people!

    Just a comment….. when I went to share this on FB, I got a great huge “Got Milk?” pic for the preview thumbnail. Um. Not quite what I wanted, and rather against the spirit of your article too. (I removed this thumbnail, as you might expect; I figure it was probably spat out by FB’s software since it is the first graphic in your article. Perhaps move or remove the graphic?)

    • Real_one

      Actually I think it’s perfectly befitting for this article if you think about it.

      • Kamibambiraptor

        Yer right!

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