Want to Know Why You Need To Build A Email List?

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How Do I Build an Email List

One of the questions I get quite often is How to build an email list? I’m sure you may have heard that if you want to make money online or even offline you need to build have a list. For most the idea how do i build an email list is a mystery and can be rather overwhelming. In this post I want to help take the mystery and fear out of learning how do I build an email list and why you want one.

How To Build A List

Why Have a Email List

Having a email list equals “Freedom” ,  Anyone I know who is Making Money is spending the most money on lead generation to build a bigger list. When you have a list and If you have the right audience, you can never go broke, In Fact you can get rich fast. That’s why they say money is in the list! But if you have the Wrong list and the Wrong Positioning you can go broke fast.


the money is in the list

Question, How Do I Build an Email List Quickly?

Bigger is NOT always Better! If you looking to build a email list and you want to build it fast, there are a few different ways to accomplish this fast, most of them are Paid methods. Solo Ads are my favorite method to grow my email list because I can get 0ver 200+ option-ins to my list in a matter of hours, not days. There are more Paid methods but we will cover those in another post.  But when using Paid methods let me caution you that in an effort to build your list fast, you DO NOT want to get a lot of untargeted leads as subscribers.

Why – Because you’re paying for them in a few different ways. Using a paid method you are either paying per click, impressions or you are paying for a set number of opt-ins. And if you get a bunch of leads that are just filling space on your autoresponders, your paying for that too.

what to do with a email list

 What To Do with Your Email List

Now that you have a list, what do you do with it? This is where you get your chance to communicate with your audience and build your relationship with them. There are different thoughts on how and when you should communicate with your list. There is too much to go into here about the components of your follow up sequence, but there is an easy solution. For example if you want to get started quickly you can promote a product or system that already offers follow up email messages. The nice thing about a done for you email follow-up sequence, is that you don’t have to write it. Not to scare you but the money is in a well written sequenced follow-up series. This is the part of that will take some time to learn how to write and test your copy and sequence to get the get conversions.

 One of the systems that I use “My Lead System Pro” It comes with a done for you professionally written autoresponder series that is easily set up in a matter of minutes to get you started making Money while you lean.

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Email List MLSP





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