How to Form Good Habits

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How To Form Good Habits In 21 Days!


How To Form Good Habits

In my previous blog post, I wrote that poor habits will kill your business. That statement is true for our health and our business. If you have been struggling in getting your business off the ground, you will want to read this post and put in action these action steps. The one Top Secret that all successful internet marketers know is…. Yes you guessed it – You have to know how to form good habits! Without a commitment to taking daily action, your chances of succeeding drop tremendously .

 Here is a breakdown on “How To Form Good Habits” that I picked up from my friend and mentor Roxana Hanna that I want to share with you:

how to form good habits

 So as you can see the process to creating a daily habit is not really that complicated on the surface, but once you decide to add something to your daily routine it usually becomes more difficult after doing it for 2-3 days.

“What You Do Today, Will Make You Proud In A Year!”

How To Form Good Habits Are Easier With The Right Tools

When you’re starting out and learning how to form good habits you need to have a way to keep track of your progress like a spreadsheet or calendar. A word of caution, you can use different tools to remind you to take your daily action, but they are easily dismissed and can be forgotten. The next thing you know is you missed a day. Once you miss a day in developing a habit, the tendency is quit the habit. Ok, so you might be asking what tools are the best to develope a 21 day habit? One of the best “Tools” I use is a accountability group.

How to form good habits

The best accountability group I have found is this facebook group The 21 Day Habit, its an invite only group but just request to add yourself and the Admin will let you in to the group. There is a FAQ that lets you know the rules of the group, but are pretty simple to follow. The cool thing is that everybody in the group is working on the same goal, to learn how to form good habits.

Even once you complete 21 Days of doing your new habit, don’t allow yourself to stop, keep going.  Once you start consistently taking daily actions in your business, you’re going to find success will start to happening in your life!

Wishing You Great Success!

Rich Miller

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