How To Stay Out Of Facebook Jail

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So you Ask, How Can You End Up In Facebook Jail?


One of the mistakes internet marketers do is that they are told to add a bunch of friends and then they can market to them. This one action can get you thrown in Facebook Jail quicker than a shooting star if not done correctly. If you add too many friends too quickly, and some of them deny your requests because they really don’t know who you are, You can be sent straight to Facebook Jail, no warning at all! You see, Facebook makes a determination by certain actions a user takes and blocks that user for a period of 7 to 30 days  depending on the severity of the users actions. This is sometims done without any warning at all!

facebook jail bars

How Do You Know If  You’re In Facebook Jail?

For example, if your in trouble for too many friend requests, you might receive a message like this one below:

Facebook Jail friend requests blocked

There are other reasons that you can be blocked and not know you’re doing anything wrong at the time. I have even seen someone post that they got a warning because they “LIKED” too many posts from their friends. Not sure where that is in the rules, but Facebook sure knows and enforces the rules.

How Can You Stay Out Of Facebook Jail?

The best way to avoid getting in trouble and going to Facebook Jail is to know the rules to follow and pitfalls to avoid. With a company as big as Facebook, you will want to know how to know before you land there yourself.

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MLSP free training

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