How I Almost Died on Friday the 13th

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When my car came to a rest alongside the road, Friday The 13th - Rich Miller I realized it was over..
After all of the loud sounds of metal tearing, the scrapping and breaking glass, everything was now silent.
I sat there looking straight at the road; it was still pitch dark outside I could barely see, but there was dirt, glass and tree limbs everywhere…
It was dark inside my car as the engine was not running… no interior lights working
I could tell that the whole interior had come apart, headliner hanging from the ceiling of the car, my seat was bent backwards, the steering wheel bent too…
I thought to myself – Could I move? Is the car on fire? I could not smell smoke or see any flames; I did not smell gas, but I knew I had to get out of the car just in case..
I felt for the door handle and tried to open the door, but it was jammed.
I hit the inside of the door with all of my strength and the door opened enough for me to get out.
Once I got on my feet, I fell straight to my knees; shaking I crawled a few feet away from my car and got to my feet again.
It was just starting to get light enough to see, I turned back to the direction I had driven from;  it looked like the hill on the side of the road had exploded onto the road… dirt and tree limbs everywhere.
When I looked at what was left of my car, there was only one body part on the car that was not dented or scrapped, ..the roof of my car..
Why is that so important you might ask?
It all started  around 430am that morning, I cleaned the windshield off and headed to work. I had to make morning formation at 6am and I could not be late or the 1sgt would have my ass…Not a pleasant thought…
I was traveling towards the Autobahn on a back road at about 115kph (70+mph) I lit up a Marlboro light, looked at the clock, 5am.. I had plenty of time; the Autobahn entrance ramp was just a mile up the road.
I let my foot off of the gas and dropped my speed to 100kph (60mph)… within seconds I felt the rear car start sliding left, I counter steered.
.Nothing changed
Next I put the car in neutral, I thought it would help to reduce the drag, Nothing changed; the car kept sliding out of control, still moving fast, maybe faster than before.
The back of the car hit hard, knocking my head back into the headrest and then my car hit something again! Then things got Crazy real fast….My car was upside down, I could not tell if I was sliding on the road or the dirt.  It was silent, no noise at all.
I thought this is it,  I had pushed the limits once too many times.
Parts of my life flashed by me, I saw how upset my girlfriend, friends and family would react to my death, their tears, grieving, and my thoughts of  life without them. How my 1st Sgt would be pissed that I was late, and never showed up.. I could see their faces clearly, as if they were there with me.
Then two more hard hits, one flipping the car upright, then the car stopped moving…….
A few minutes later,  a few cars tried to stop but lost control on the ice sliding to a stop before wrecking.
A few minutes later the Polizei showed up, also sliding landing in the ditch stopping before hitting another car.
They came over asked me if I was the driver and was I hurt.  
After checking on me, the Polizei started investigating the accident,  questioning  witnesses to my accident.  A few minutes later they came over to me and told me that it was a miracle I was alive. They asked me to walk with them to retrace where the accident started, 
They showed me where my car hit the embankment backwards at an angle at 100+kph, It went up in the air backwards, hitting 15ft to 18ft up the tree flipping my car upside down,
My car then flew about 200 meters, 15+ft off of the ground (upside-down) along the road,Then hitting another tree about 10ft off the ground, flipping my car upright and then it came straight down facing the road.
I was never sliding on the asphalt like I thought and, my roof never touched the ground!
As I sat in the back seat of the Polizei’s car waiting for the wrecker, one of the Officers turned to me; grinned and said to me –“You know what today is?  It’s Friday the 13th , not so lucky day for you huh?”
I actually made the newspaper for the first accident on Friday the 13th that day in that region.
My car was totaled; I was sore but no broken bones…. And got my butt chewed by the 1st Sgt for almost killing myself….
What do you think, Is Friday the 13th an unlucky day?
Although this happened when I was much younger it was a life changing event like no other. I still see the accident today as clearly as the day it happened. I had to overcome fear of ice, sliding out of control in a car, loss of life.  But I think it was a very lucky day for me because I walked away to go home that day alive and an greater appreciation for the life, family and friends that I have.
Life events like this are a matter of perspective, how you choose to deal with them and what you do with the, experience is what matters..
Please be safe when driving…
To your Success!
Rich Miller
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