Did I ever tell you how I lost my job?

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Did I ever tell you how I lost my job?
– By Daegan Smith

I think the story will be insightful.

There I was …

Minding my business and I get a call on
my phone.

Not a number I recognized, but …

I picked it up anyways.

It was the CEO of the company I was
working for with a message.

(I thought it was strange that the CEO
was calling me out of the blue, it
hadn’t happened before so I had a
sinking feeling “something” was up.)

In a five minute conversation …

I was told the company was downsizing
and that I had two choices.

One – to work for minimum wage

Or …

Two – Leave with one months severance

He called halfway into the month and
said these changes were taking place the beginning of next month.

So much for company loyalty …

I had worked there for 3 years and
that’s the notice I was given.

That’s the reality of the world in which we all live.

Sink or swim.

Now luckily for me, and little known to
him …

I had an internet business running on
the side that was doing about $20,000 a
month at that point so I didn’t sweat it much.

Here’s how I originally built it:


But that’s how it went down.

Truth is …

Security in the J.O.B. world, is nothing more than a devastating illusion.

The only real security you really have
in life your life …

Is finding opportunity, seeing it for
what it is, and going after it with all
you got.

I see no greater opportunity in this
world than the merging of the internet
and network marketing.

How else can I guy make $20,000 per
month on the side, working a few hours a day undetected?

Get started now no matter what position
you might be in.


The truth is …

Your future depends on it.

To Your Success,

Rich Miller

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