Operation Gratitude Helping Our Troops

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  I would like to ask you to take the time to read this post, it might just change the life of a Service Member or someone close to them…

  We still have Tens of thousands of troops deployed, many of them that have seen multiple tours in remote and hostile regions around the world. During these deployments away from their families and friends along with the conditions they have to endure, we need to give them our support. I was looking a way to help support our Troops overseas, especially during the Holidays. One group I found and support is Operation Gratitude.

operation gratitude


How Operation Gratitude Helps Our Troops


    Operation Gratitude’s mission is to help put smiles on the faces of our U.S. Military that are deployed overseas in combat areas by sending personalized letters and care packages in the individual’s name, that’s pretty cool if you ask me 🙂 But they don’t stop there; Operation Gratitude also makes sure that Veterans, Wounded Warriors, First Responders and the children left behind are not forgotten.

operation gratitude Care packages

 Operation Gratitude Delivers Care Packages and Personalized Letters

 Operation Gratitude has sent over 100,000 care packages every year.. They have so far sent over 894,000 care packages to date!  Operation Gratitude care packages contain food, hygiene care products, and personal letters and other entertainment items that have been donated by individuals and company donation programs.

What’s really great is that when a package or letter is received the contents and excitement is shared, which Impacts possibly 250,000 service members every year! There is nothing better for service member’s moral is have their name called out during mail call, especially when they are deployed away from home. Another great aspect of Operation Gratitude is that you can send a care package to someone you know or a group of service members.

operation gratitude Helping our troops

How Can You Help Operation Gratitude Support Our Service Members?

 This is why I wrote this post, because I want to spread the word and show how easy it is to show our support for our service members. For as little as a $15.00 ( cost of a few cups of coffee) you can send a package.

BUT there are also many other ways to help Operation Gratitude:


  1. Donate financially – $15 Bucks = one package 🙂
  2. Write Letters
  3. Organize a Fundraiser
  4. Collect items like – Halloween Candy, Small Toys, Popcorn and cookies
  5. Hand made or purchased Scarves, bandanas, Crazy Looking funny Ties and Paracord Bracelets
  6. Make Greeting Cards
  7. Fundraise through Recycling
  8. Donate Your Vehicle
  9. Spreading the word using your email lists, Facebook and other Social Media

    So hopefully I gave you some ideas that work for you, so please take a minute to pick one of the methods above and help put a Big Smile on a Service Members  face soon…

Here is where you need to go to help CLICK HERE–>> Operation Gratitude

 Thank you  for taking the time to read my post….

Wishing you Great Success,





Operation Gratitude Delivers Care Packages and Personalized Letters








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  • Gray Lawrence

    Thank you for this chance to help.  I am or was in the force3s as well for 22 years.  I know what they feel need and miss, a pity the governments cant feel the same for those that protect

    • Rich Miller

      Thanks Gary for your service and your comment! It’s a great program and as you know we need to do all that we can to help.

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