Ambit Energy Review

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 What Is Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy Review

First let me start of by letting you know that this is an in depth review of Ambit Energy. I am glad that you have given me the opportunity to tell you why I like Ambit Energy and answer your questions along the way.  Ambit Energy an electric and natural gas company that was founded in response to Texas’ energy deregulation. Ambit Energy was rated the fasted growing company in the United States by INC500 magazine for 2010 and has maintained an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Ambit Energy services areas currently include – Illinois, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland with more areas scheduled to open this year. Ambit Energy is the only company that offers their customer the opportunity to get FREE Energy along with many other rewards for just being a customer.

Why I Chose Ambit Energy

When looking for a company to join there are several factors that have to be present for me to consider before making my decision. One of the main reasons that Ambit Energy moved to the top of my list is that the product just makes sense.  Just think about these three points for a minute 1) everybody Uses It – Unlike with other product-based opportunities’ almost every household in America uses electricity 24hrs a day. 2) it is a necessity – It’s not a luxury or lifestyle product that can be discontinued anytime.  3) Residual Income – its one bill that is always at the top of the list and is paid every month.

This makes this opportunity even more powerful; Ambit Energy and Energy Deregulation is still in its early growth period, and this opportunity only happens ONCE  in a lifetime. 

Ambit Energy Founders

Ambit EnergyAnother very important factor that has to be in place for me when I look at a company is who is running the company. Ambit Energy was founded in 2006 by a world-class leadership team co-founders, Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless. CEO Jere Thompson Jr. founded CapRock Communications, growing the business from ground up to $300 million in annual revenue. Jere Thompson Jr. grew up working in his family business that was founded by his grandfather Joe Thompson who started the iconic 7-Eleven chain in 1927. Chris Chambless had an impressive history with Excel Communications, the fastest growing company reaching revenues of 1 Billion dollars. As the Executive Vice President, he was responsible for all aspects of the company’s marketing and communications organization.

Their commitment; to make Ambit Energy the finest and most respected retail energy company in America, provide affordable electricity and gas, and never sacrifice their integrity for growth. This in itself speaks strongly to thei integrity and commitment of the the Management Team.

Final Thoughts about Ambit Energy

I looked hard at Ambit Energy and was able to place a check next to each of my questions.

  • I looked at the product and realized that “It is the Perfect Product”, everybody uses it and everyone wants to save money.
  • There is No Monthly Auto-Ship Program so I do not have to worry about space and the added monthly expense for a product that I could potentially do without.
  •  I looked at the marketability of the Ambit Energy product and saw the growth potential as deregulation is just getting started.
  • I researched the founders of the company; their credentials and mission statement are First Class.
  • The Ambit Energy compensation plan one of the better in the industry, which I will get into more detail later. 

Ambit Energy is a great company with an exceptional product and great leadership team. Whether you are still researching companies or thinking about joining Ambit Energy today; your SUCCESS will depend on You Taking Action. I hope I have been able to answer your questions, if not please contact me and I will be glad to help answer any questions you have about Ambit Energy.

To YOUR Success,

Rich Miler


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