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Are you looking for an unbiased Evolv Health Review? And trying to find out truth behind Evolv Scam claims? I’m not involved with Evolv Health and am going to give you the results of my research into this company.

With so many MLM Health companies that are appearing almost every day, it is pretty hard to navigate to find good solid business opportunities that you have a solid foundation that will be around and are not fly by night opportunities. With my extensive experience in MLM Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, I can help you navigate through the information you will need to determine if this is the right business for you and help you along the way.

Evolv Health Review

When looking for a business opportunity, you really have to know the positives and any negatives that you will encounter in your new business venture. You need to know about the product, if it is a product that you can feel good about using yourself and recommending. Who is behind Evolve Health, what experience and background they have in the industry. Also is Evolv Health’s compensation plan one that you are comfortable with and can understand without having a CPA around to explain it. We are going to dig in with this Evolv Health Review and get some ansewers.

You will also need to know what obstacles will you have to overcome to build a Evolv Health business. Again, I am here to help you so let’s dive in to take a look at what the Evolv Health business is all about.

Evolv Health Review – Evolv Products

Evolv has 10 Core products that they have combined into 4 different groups, tailored for you depending on what you are looking to achieve with the help of their product line. Their products address needs for Fitness, Weight lose, Energy or just trying to start you day off right with their Caffe rosso, their Signature Red Coffee along with Evolv Shake Mix and a product called ActivateATP which is designed as a natural energy activator.

Knowing the Evolve Product line is important because if you can’t get behind the product yourself, then you won’t be successful in building a business with it, Make sense right?

Evolv Health Review

It appears that all of Evolv’s products are made from all Natural and Safe ingredients. My suggestion is a after reading my Evolv Review, I would recommend contact an Evolv business owner and purchase a sample pack to see if you like the product.

One thing to look at when comparing Health Products is the “Taste” and the “Cost” per serving. You don’t want to promote a product that you don’t like the taste or wouldn’t spend your money on.

Evolv Health Review – Evolv Leadership

Evolv Health Trey White Brent Hicks

A very important part of looking for a business to partner with is to know who is at the helm of the ship.

In my experience, the Leadership of the company is a very important piece of information that you want to know before you make that commitment to join and build your business. When researching company leadership, you have to do some due diligence to make sure the Evolv Review is accurate.

Trey White is the Co Founder & Chairman for Evolv Health comes from a Non MLM background, which is not a bad thing. But you have to understand that he is navigating while learning the MLM side of the business. Trey has been a successful venture capitalist who has been successful in identifying good business opportunities and then getting the right team in place to work together to build and run a great business.

Brent Hicks Co Founder and CEO also has an exceptional track record in the non MLM arena but has been very successful building sales organizations in the real estate finance industry.

As you can see from this, neither of Evolv Health Company Founders have prior experience building an MLM Company. Again this may not be a bad thing, especially for a company that has been operating successfully since 2009.

 Evolv Health Review – Is Evolv Health A Scam?

I don’t care what MLM Company you look up on the internet you’re going to find someone who is upset and writes an Evolv Review and may even claim that the company was a scam. But any claims of Evolv Health Scam are not true. With my extensive experience in MLM, I can honestly say based on the information I have found the company is not a scam and is a legit MLM business opportunity. Currently Evolv Health is ranked #75 out of 824 on MLM Rankings website. But as with any company there is always some risk and you have to do your research like I have completed.

Evolv Health Reviews – How People Can Fail In Evolv Health

How People Can Fail In Evolv Health Review One of the top reasons people fail building an MLM business is that they run out of good qualified Leads. You have to have good leads of people that want to be retail customers for your Evolv Products and qualified leads interested in joining you business.

Just about everyone starting out asks their friends and family to join them as reps or just to purchase the products, I know I am guilty of that too.

But what happens when you run out of family and friends?  You have to start generating Leads.

And this is where people start getting discouraged and eventually quit their business.

Before you get involved with Evolv Health or any other MLM business, you need to determine how you’re going to sell product and recruit outside of the friends and family list, that’s where a good automated system comes in handy.

I just want to say again that I don’t have any affiliation with Evolve Health and this is totally an unbiased Evolv Health Review.

  If you found this Evolv Health Review was helpful to you in your research, please leave me a comment and like and Share it for your friends to read about Evolv Health.

 Wishing You Great Success!

Rich MIller



Rich Miller






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EvolvHealth Leads

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  • Lenny G.

    Thank you. I thought this was very informative. I have started in this business, and the people who met with us are very down-to-earth and likeable people. I felt if they could do it, I could do it too. Every time I came away from a meeting, that grew in size each time, very inspired and refreshed. Not like before with the pomp and hype like at an Amway convention, that reminded me of the movie Yes Man with Jim Carey.

  • Do the products we use or promote contain toxic and cooked ingredients such as soy, maltodextrin, etc. How about fillers…???
    As a health researcher, I only use and promote the most clean products available. Send me an e-mail and I will send you my report… [email protected]

    • tj

      Hi. Did you ever get a reply if there were toxic or cooked ingredients, fillers? I started taking evolv a few days ago and I’ve actually gained weight. I feel like I’m starving. And up until then I was watching my carbs I had gradually lost 15 pounds over the summer. So I’m not sure what is going on. I do know I’m highly sensitive to any chemicals and anything that is not natural or organic. Thank you!

      • Never received anything so obvious there are fillers and other additives. As a health researcher, I only use and promote the most clean products
        available. Send me an e-mail and I will send you my report…
        [email protected]
        I can send you our Educational Health package if you send me your postal address.

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