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This GanoLife review was written because the are so many home business opportunities to chose from and not many Unbiased Reviews like this GanoLife Review.

Like many of you I am always interested in what new business opportunities are popular and interesting. One thing that caught my interest was that GanoLife was all about Coffee! That’s why I had to know more about this network marketing company.

This Unbiased GanoLife review is here to help everyone and is not an advertisement or a ploy to get you to join GanoLife, because I am not involved in the business.  If you have more information on Ganolife, please comment below, especially if you are already a Rep or customer of GanoLife…

You may be here because you were searching for information on GanoLife to join the company as a network marketing rep or maybe your only interested in GanoLifes products.

Let’s take a look together at the GanoLife’s business and products together in this review.

GanoLife – What Is it?

GanoLife is a Network Marketing Company or also referred to as an MLM – Multi Level Marketing Company.  I love Network Marketing companies, because of the ability to earn unlimited income, you just need to have the right Company (Products, Comp Plan, ) and tools to build your business. But most of all you have to have the drive and desire to be successful.

Their mission is to unite the health and coffee industries. Their main product is healthy Coffee made with the purest form of ganoderma lucidum.

In October 2012, GanoLife International was formed in Lima Peru. The Founder Christopher Tidwell promised to make GanoLife the Network Marketing Company of the new millennium.

GanoLife Leadership

One of the main things that I look for in a company other than the products, is the leadership that is guiding the company.  From his Linkedin profile Joven Cabasag was once the CEO with Gano Excell before moving over to become the CEO fo GanoLife. From my research their appears to be some controversy in the way that this transition occurred.  Also  Chris Tidwell, GanoLife CEO  worked for Gano Excel prior to joining the Leadership team, so there is some confusion as if there has been some type of corporate separation between Gano Excel or is Gano Excel starting with a new brand in North America.

What Are GanoLife Products?

GanoLife Products GanoLife Products

As I mentioned, GanoLife is a company whos products are based on Healthy Coffee. Each of their coffee products offered contain Ganoderma Lucidum, which has a rich history as an organic herbal medicine. The plant extract’s medicinal use dates back to ancient Chinese culture. They us a patented a extraction process that allows them to maximize the plant’s medicinal potential in their products.

GanoLifes  7 Products

GanoLife Latte 365

GanoLife Mocca 365

GanoLife Black 365

GanoLife Cappuccino 365

GanoLife Chocolate 365

VitaShield Immunalife 365

VitaShield Ganoderma 365

 Is the GanoLife Business Opportunity For You?

The only concern I would have about the business is the changing of the guard, the switching of the leadership and how they made the move. If you look around the web you will see some talk of a bad break up… But If you’re comfortable with the current leadership, then I would ask you to answer a few questions-

–        Is the product something you like and would use yourself?

–        Would you recommend it to a close relative? (Dad / Mom, Son or Daughter?)

These are two questions that I always ask myself before recommending any business or product. If you can answer yes to these two questions then GanoLife Business may be the right choice for you. In order for you to succeed in this type business you have to believe in the product AND you have to treat it like a Real Business!

GanoLife – The Number One Obstacle You Will Face After Joining

Once you get started, you will more than likely want to ask your warm market – Friends and Family members to help you get started building your new business. You may ask them to be customer or join you in your business to be part of your team.

Here is where the problems begin and where most people will get discouraged and usually end up quitting. It’s once you run out of your warm market, and finding new people to show your business to.


GanoLife Leads

The bottom line is that if you join GanoLIfe or any other MLM business you have to be prepared to find a way to get leads. Without Leads, your business is dead . Nothing more frustrating then sitting at home wishing you knew a way to generate good qualified leads to talk to about your business!

 What most people do is to turn to the power of the internet to build their MLM business, but without the right training and tools you will find a difficult road to travel while building your GanoLife Network Marketing Business.


To Your Success!

Rich Miller - GanoLife Review



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Get leads for your GanoLife Business



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