Mary Kay – An Unbiased Review

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Growing up Mary Kay was a household name. I can remember hearing about the company and seeing the Pink Cadillac’s driving around town. Even to this day the car is one of the biggest advertising tools the company uses. Just think how great of a reward is to know that you could earn the privilege to drive possibly the only Pink Cadillac in town. The main reason I picked to write a Mary Kay Review is because of the company’s success, growth and longevity in a very competitive marketplace.

mary kay review

Mary Kay – Why Purchase their Products

 One of the most notable things that I noticed and why I would recommend purchasing or selling Mary Kay Products is that they spend millions of dollars in product testing and research. They have performed more than 500K tests to ensure the Mary Kay products are of the highest quality and safe for their customers. Mary Kay just doesn’t outsource the manufacturing of their products; they supervise all aspects of the product generation.

 Another reason I would support purchasing their products is that in 1989 Mary Kay announced that they would not use animals in any way, thus making them one of the first in the industry.

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Mary Kay Review – The Mary Kay Business Opportunity

 From my research, Mary Kay falls in line with other top tier direct sales companies. There are a few different ways to make money with Mary Kay :

1)      Direct Sales and Bonus

2)      Recruitment of others

 As with many direct sales / MLM companies, not everyone is successful when deciding to be a consultant.  BUT there are many that do well as a Mary Kay consultant, as a matter of fact the income range for Sales Directors can exceed $17K yearly and a National Director can earn more than $100K yearly.

 One of the cool benefits with Mary Kay is the ability to qualify for a Pink Cadillac, but let me warn you there are some pretty aggressive qualifications to get one of those beauties.  One fact I found interesting is that in 1968 the first Cadillac was purchased and repainted at the dealership to match the Mountain Laurel Blush in the compact.

Mary Kay Founder

Mary Kay– The Founders

In 1963, Mary Kay Ash left her job to start the first company dedicated to making life more beautiful for women – Beauty by Mary Kay. She left her full time job after watching another man whom she had trained get promoted ahead of her. She wanted to start a company to give the employees a chance to benefit from their achievements. Mary Kay Ash’s first employee was her Son; Richard Rogers. The company is now open in 30 countries with more than 2 million consultants.

 Another great thing that separate Mary Kay from other companies is the Culture. The company believes in making sure that the top performing producers receive positive recognition including gold pins and pink Cadillac’s.

Problems Facing Mary Kay Consultants

 It’s pretty clear that Mary Kay is a great company and has a proven track record, but there is one problem that many Mary Kay Consultants face is that in order to do well you need to be able to build up a large distributor network. With a large network comes the volume needed to advance and make good income. What normally happens after going through their warm market,  it becomes more difficult to find qualified properly to talk to about the business. That is the biggest struggle that a Mary Kay Consultant faces which leads to them eventually quitting the business.

Problems facing Mary Kay Consultants

How to Increase Your Odds of Success As A Mary Kay Consultant

In order to succeed in Mary Kay or any other network marketing business you will need a supply of pre-qualified leads. In order to get a steady flow of pre-qualified leads you need to have access to current marketing training by industry leaders and a system that combines both the training and lead generation. This is very important so not only you can be successful, but you can duplicate the same for your Team.

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