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What is iZigg ??

I was first exposed to iZigg Mobile business last year while attending MLSP’s Live the Dream event in Las Vegas late one morning around 2am. We were all sitting in our suite discussing our prior experiences in Network Marketing. For the life of me I cannot remember the guys name but he had lingered around until most of the crowd left the room. He started to tell us about the iZigg 90210 opportunity and how it could benefit our business and we needed to sign up immediately to get in at the beginning and grab our keyword.

Clearly we had no prior knowledge of the iZigg 90210 opportunity before then and did not give it a second thought. The very next morning at our conference to our surprise one of the keynote speakers from the stage asked everyone to text a specific keyword to 90210!


Is iZigg A Scam?

As with any new Internet or MLM Company, there is always the concern and talk that it could be a scam. When I decided to write this post about iZigg, I took a look to see what people were using for search termsto find information aboutiZigg, to my surprise the top search term was iZigg Scam, not iZigg Review or iZiggopportunity! I can assure you that the iZgg Scam rumors are false and that it is truly a remarkable product. As with any business, you are going to have to put a lot of effort to be successful, take the time to learn the product and research who and how you are going to market the system. It will be the fewselect people that do not put the effort required in to building the business that will disagree with thisiZigg Review

What Is iZigg all about?

iZigg 90210 is the most widely recognized and most remembered short code known and used in the SMS industry. Many people are saying that this may possibly be the next “.Com” revolution. I do not know about you but I take my mobile phone everywhere I go, using it continuously everyday of the week. I am always in communication with my family friends, Facebook and work related business using mobile messagingon a daily basis. Just think about how many times you look at your phone in any given day.

Did you know :

  • 97% of all Text Messages ARE OPENED, 83% within ONE HOUR of receiving them.6
  • On a whole, mobile advertising is estimated to grow at an annual average of 45% to reach $28.8 billion within the next 5 years.
  • There are twice as many SMS users as active email users.
  • 58,318 TEXTS are sent every SECOND

iZiggHow Does iZigg Work?

The way it works, iZigg markets their producs through a Direct Sales, or Network Marketing model. iZigg is utilizing the Short Code 90210 along with a specific keyword, business owners and individuals are then able to market their Business and Brand to an ever-growing audience of mobile users via Text Messaging. With iZigg, you are able to market your business using a” mCard” which is your Mobile Business Card containing all of your contact information includingSocial Media links to your profile. For example “TEXT RICHMiller to 90210” for my Mobile Business Card. Additionally you are able to set up Text messaging campaigns to advertise and promote your business, advertise special promotions at any time via a Text Message BALST to the subscribers for that business. You are able to create campaigns using Mobile Coupons with the ability to track the redemption rate all in the back office of iZgg.

The iZigg Founders

One last thing to consider when researching a company that is I always look at, the Leadership Team. Although the company is relatively new, the brains behind iZigg are not new to this business. With over 150 years of combined experience in the direct marketing business and direct ownership in global companies responsible for payouts in excess of 700 million dollars to their direct sales representatives. Founded in 2010, the leadership team consists offounders David Liniado, Brian Underwood along with Saundra Dudley, Jason Borne, Dr. Elliot Scott and Jason Borne making up the leadership team.

Final Thoughts about iZigg….

OveralliZigg is a great Company with an exceptional product and a great leadership team. Whether you are thinking about purchasing iZigg products or becoming an agent with iZigg, your SUCCESS will depend on You Taking Action. I truly believe that Mobile Messaging is the going to be a very big part of anyone doing business online or off line. Do not hesitate if you are considering getting a piece of the Mobile Real Estate, Check out iZigg.

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