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You are more than likely here because you were searching for information on My Lead System Pro’s Live The Dream 4 event.  To give you some background and why this post is very biased, This will be the 4th Live The Dream Event that I have attended and would not miss it for any reason. Here are a few reasons why you will not want to miss this event, that is unless you are not serious about breaking free and learning what’s needed to make money online.

MLSP Live the dream 4

What You Get From Attending My Lead System Pro Live The Dream 4


MLSP Live The Dream events are where the leaders are born and have changed many lives in just days. Take a look around, most of the top internet marketers started out in My Lead System Pro and once were on stage or in the audience at one of the Live the Dream events. One thing to note is that this awesome line up of speakers are going to deliver TONS of VALUE and WILL NOT Sell From Stage. But it gets better, there will not be any Break out sessions that they will attempt to sell you anything. YES, this weekend is really about delivering value so that you can start making money online.

Live The Dream – Featured Top Speakers

Live the Dream

DIANE HOCHMAN – Diane is one of the top Attraction Marketers in the business!

ROB FORE – Truly one of the BEST SEO Guys in the Industry!

RAY HIGDON – One of the BEST Bloggers in the business!

BILL PESCOSOLIDO – Bill is one of the BEST Recruiters

MICHELLE PESCOSOLIDO – The Queen Of Facebook Marketing!

BLUESMAN OF MLM & MARK HARBERT – Thses two have CRAZy Video Marketing Skills.

STEVE JAFFE – Steve builds some of the best profitable Marketing Funnels!

 With this line up, this may possibly be the BEST Live The Dream Event ever and tickets are only $199.00!

Looking For More Reasons Why To Attend Live the Dream Event 4?

And there’s more..

  • Two days of the Best of the Best in Attraction Marketing, SEO, FaceBook, Blogging, Video Marketing, Recruiting.
  • Location, Location, Location…  Once again Continue Reading….


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There are many great and not so great choices out there to market online, but I decided I am “All In” with MLSP when I joined. Many of you that have followed me online, you know that I have been a member of MLSP for 3+ years, haven’t missed a payment yet.

Before we go any further , I want to tell you that the reason I use the “Overused”  phrase of “ALL IN”  is because it has very little to do with how much money you spend (That’s just a cost of business).  If you’re serious ,YOU yourself have to be ALL IN to be successful online.

Why Did I Go ALL IN With MLSP – My Journey


ALL IN MLSP Ok, here is the REAL Deal about MLSP and why I am all in with MLSP…  MLSP was my first experience with a paid platform that teaches people how to market online also with the tools needed to get the job done.

I have been online for an easy 10 years, making money with just about anything that bring in some extra cash, BUT I was missing a structured platform that gave me good training and system to support my business.

I was probably one of the best researchers known to mankind when it came to making money online *** I don’t recommend this unless you want to waste a lot of time gathering information.

Now don’t get me wrong, that information I found has made me a better marketer, but it took me longer to implement a business idea, and I also had a lot of failures along the way.

I looked at many membership types of sites, training platforms but none of them could stand up to the value of MLSP.

MLSP  – I Wanted To Learn From The Best Leaders

Learn From The Best Leaders

There are many great Internet Marketers that give value and Continue Reading….


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Question; Can I use MLSP to Promote My Primary Business?
I get asked this question pretty often ,So I thought that I would take a few minutes to help answer that question.

Yes MLSP Can Help Promote Your Primary Business


more leads for primary business

As a matter of fact that is one of the reasons MLSP (also known as My Lead System Pro) was created, to help train and provide the best tools for you to succeed. There are many top Network Marketers that have built their primary business using MLSP. Just check the Leaderboards and you will see them dominating MLSP Leader boards in Leads and sign ups.

MLSP Helps You Position Yourself As A Leader

MLSP helps solve one of the biggest problems that most Network Marketers face in the MLM industry; they teach you how to position yourself as a leader in the industry. This is one of the most important Continue Reading….


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The value of MLSP Weekly Webinars is no doubt not quite understood until one has attended. Why? There is so much to MLSP that you couldn’t possibly cover all that is involved unless you really go “all in” and take it apart bit by bit. Make sense? I want to share with you what is involved in these MLSP weekly webinars, and why you need to be on them, do or die.

MLSP Free Weekly Webinars

MLSP Weekly Webinars | What You Get

 These webinars could be the lifeblood of your business outside of your leads, so don’t dismiss this. Remember, that without MLSP, you may not get the leads you need in the first place! These webinars are free, and it’s like being your own classroom, with plenty of opportunity to learn everything you need to know and more!e you join up with MLSP you will begin to see the value of MLSP weekly webinars. It isn’t what you think, in fact, you will discover that this is a community that teaches network marketers how to run and Continue Reading….


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 MLSP Leadership Team and why they created MLSP


In today’s post I want to talk about MLSP Leadership Team and why they created MLSP. You might just be surprised when you hear why they did it!

Also I want to warn you this is not a general overview of the MLSP Leadership Team, I didn’t have to look up their BIO’s to write about them, I have had the great opportunity to meet each one of the MLSP Leadership Team and spend some time talking with them over the last 3 years.

MLSP Leadership Team

MLSP Leadership Team – Founders Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and Todd Schlomer

Let’s start at the beginning with who they are and why they created MLSP.  In their early marketing careers Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and Todd Schlomer  had experienced some of the same results that other beginners encounter when they started out in internet marketing– Low to No Results, Increased Debt, and a lot of time wasted.

Eventually they sorted through all the programs that yielded no results for them and they started have their own personal success rising up to take their place as top successful Internet Marketers. But that was not enough for them.

So in 2008 they realized they wanted to help others have the same success they had, to help other marketers become successful without Continue Reading….


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With the MLSP System , there are two membership Levels that are available to select when you join. I thought it would be a good idea to give you a quick breakdown so you can see the value that the MLSP system offers. What’s cool is that the Basic MLSP System membership offers you way more than enough to get you started if your new and has more advanced features for those of you that are ready for more customizable options to promote your business.

mlsp system setup

MLSP System Membership – What To Expect


When signing up you will go through the MLSP system New Members orientation and then there is Weekly New Member Webinars that are held every Monday to answer any questions and show you what is important to get set up. Once you go through the Step by Step set-up then you are ready to dive into the training modules that you are going to focus you marketing efforts on.

With your MLSP System membership you get access to an entire training library, consisting of over 200 hours of Training given by some of the Top Marketers in the Industry covering every marketing topic offline and online.

mlsp training library

MLSP System Training Access includes:

My Lead System Pro Membership Social Networking – Ezine Advertising
MLSP Training Facebook – Blogging
MLSP TrainingTwitter -Prospecting
My Lead System Pro Webinars Facebook PPC -Article Marketing
MLSP Weekly Webinars SEO – Youtube
MLSP Weekly Webinars 5Levels of training curriculum from Beginner to Advanced Marketer
check What do You get with MLSP System MembershipMLSP Marketing Strategies Training Tutorials

And much more…..

Some more of the great MLSP System tools included are:

MLSP Weekly Webinars The MLSP System also includes a default system email autoresponder AND Pre-Written high converting Emails that have been written by professional copywriters to get you started.
MLSP Marketing Strategies MLSP System Sales Funnels, already set up for you to get started right away
MLSP Marketing Strategies Custom Sales Funnels and Capture pages that you can customize and fully Brand for your Business
 Media Hosting  MLSP System Sample Ads and Resources
MLSP Media Hosting   Website split testing and Tracking Features
MLSP Platinum Package Media Hosting for Video and Audio Hosting incl Player 2.0
There are more to list but I think you get the idea of how Continue Reading….


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My Lead System Pro – Live The Dream 3

October 24, 2012

I just returned from My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Live the Dream Event. If you didn’t make it to this event, you sure missed out on a great experience. This was MLSP’s 3rd Live The Dream Event that I have attended and I can tell you with each one, I walk away with so much […]

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