Who Is Rich Miller

by Rich Miller

Hey everyone,
My name is Rich Miller and I am an Internet  & Network Marketer. I want to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and path that I traveled to get here.

I was born in a small town on what was then the border that separated East and West Germany, lucky for me I was born on the west side of the wall. We did not live there long as my Dad was in the Air Force and we moved around a bit until my Dad retired in Maryland. As a child growing up in Maryland I watched my Dad leave for work before the sun came up and returned home after dark most evenings. My Father and I really did not spend a lot of time together due to his 12+ hour days. What did not make matters any better was I was already at the age that I knew better than everyone else and was pretty bull-headed and independent. When I was 13 my mother passed away unexpectedly, leaving just my father and myself to figure things out on our own; I grew up a lot that year. Growing up my father taught me that if I stay out of trouble and get a good education I could get a good job with a pension plan and retire one day. Well, I was still bull-headed and was not going to follow my Dad’s advice and instead joined the Army. I had planned to get away from my home town and return back home in three years to get a good job like my Dad’s.

Reality Takes It’s First Hit

In November 1988 I exited the U.S. Army after serving 8 yrs, returning to the states from my tour in Germany. After spending the last 6+ years in Germany we came to the states excited and looking forward to living the American Dream; to get a great paying “JOB” and financial security until I retired. Prior to my exit from the military my Father had arranged for me to have a job at the company he worked for when I got home. Well things didn’t turn out exactly the way I planned; on our way home from the airport my Dad told me that his company had just announced a big downsizing initiative and there was a hiring freeze. That left me looking for a “JOB” to support my family.

On the Path to Success

I went to work selling Chrysler Plymouth’s and Yugo’s, yes I said Yugo. I made a decent living selling possibly the worst manufactured cars of the century. When my wife told me she was pregnant with our son I knew the right thing for me to do was find a Secure “JOB” and steady paycheck. I went to work for a nationwide retailer as an assistant manager and set my goals to move up the ladder in the shortest time possible. I knew with hard work, dedication I would succeed and make a comfortable living and someday retire. I exceeded my goals and took over the company’s east coast Distribution Center. I was ecstatic and pretty proud that I had exceeded my goals and I just knew this was it, it could not get better.

Reality Strikes Again

About 8 months into my new position; the company started to show signs of problems that never existed before, cash flow problems. The problem began when we were purchased earlier that year by individual investors. We had been in business over 20+ years, debt free (+24 Million in the bank) at the time of the takeover. About 18 months later we were in debt -$24 Million and could not pay our bills. We ended up closing down the company, liquidating all assets and letting all of our employees go. After 13+ years working to build and grow the company that I knew I was going to retire from; I was there to turn out the lights for the last time.

Time for A Change

It was at that point that I made the commitment that I would not ever put my family and future in that position again. I wanted to be in con­trol of my time, my income, and my life. So I turned to the Internet BUT I had NO expe­ri­ence in inter­net mar­ket­ing, ebay or anything that could produce revenue online. I started purchasing every e-book and joining online forums that had to do with making money on the internet. I spent hundreds of hours reading books written by every self-made mil­lion­aire I could find. I knew in order to be successful that I had to have the attitude and determination that I was going to get what I wanted regardless of the barriers that I would encounter. But attitude was only one part of it, I was still missing a key step. It wasn’t until I made the decision to take all of the knowledge and experience that I have gained and take ACTION that my life changed. I came across MyLeadSystemPro, pioneered by some of the best Internet Marketers in the industry; Norbert Orlewicz , Brian Fanale, Todd Schlomer and the awesome Roxana Hannah. I gave it a try and I was AMAZED at how much value, training and tools that are available in the MLSP community and back office.
I take great pleasure in helping those who want to achieve their goals, especially those who are looking to EXPLODE their businesses on the Internet. If you need help with marketing online or you just want to learn more about what I do. Stay close and join my personal list.

To YOUR Success,

Rich Miller








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