Solavei HTC One S

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I was pretty excited to get my new Solavei HTC One S that I had to shoot this crazy video.


The reason I am so stoked to get my new Solavei HTC One S Phone is that I am not going to have to pay another cell phone bill again!

I am saying GOOD BYE to my carrier and their contracts and using my new HTC One S from Solavei who provides Unlimited Nationwide Calling 4G Talk, Text and Data for $49 per month.with NO Contracts or credit check.  But…it gets even better. They give me a Bank of America Debit card for my referral fees so I can spend them on things a really need like groceries and gas.

How about discounts at over 50 major companies! That’s right, I can save money by using my Debit card for shopping so this company is putting even MORE money back in my pocket.  So this is the way I see it – I save $2400 a year, I have no contract, I save money at over 50 different companies and I have the ability to make an extra $1,000 a month just by referring a total of 60 other customer.

That is what I am talking about!

Check out my Solavei Review to see what the excitement is all about and why my Solavei HTC One S phone works great.

Solavei HTC One S

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