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Solavei Marketplace Is Here!


Mobile Cell service was just the beginning, it was just announced  that Solavei Marketplace just opened to its members. Solavei Marketplace is a new program for its members offering Cash-back rewards from National and Local Retailers when they use their Solavei Card to purchase a wide range of goods from participation retailers.

solavei marketplace launch

I think that concept is really cool, especially because it’s a FREE benefit and you get discounts for shopping where you would normally go anyway, Its really a Win-Win!!!

  • Currently thousands of vendors and merchants now participate.NO Fees! – That’s right, there are no additional hidden fees to get these discounts!
  • NO Fees! – That’s right, there are no additional hidden fees to get these discounts!

How Solavei Marketplace Works

To be eligible to benefit from the Solavei Marketplace, you just have to be a customer of Solavei’s Mobile Phone Service. You then just need to sign up to be a Social Member (No charge) and your ready to go shopping with your Solavei Card to benefit from Solavei’s Marketplace Rewards, It’s really that simple!

Then the savings begin – When a Solavei social members use their Solavei Card to make purchases in at local participating retailers Locally, Online or shopping with your phone. Then they receive cash back on their Solavei Card to be paid out the following month. The cash back savings is then put on your card monthly as long as you have at least $5.00 in cash back savings for that month’s payout.

Solavei Card

If you don’t have money on your Solavei Card, you can add funds at over a thousand different reload locations or load your card through MySolavie with Online Banking, PayPal, Direct deposit or cash.  Better yet if you already have monthly income from referring other Solavei Members , you already have funds to go shopping.

Solavei Marketplace Vendors

Solavei Marketplace – How You Can Save

The Solavei National Launch  was just One Year ago and has been growing ever since. Its proven to be a solid company that has meet its commitments to their customers and team members since day one. If you have questions, contact me directly or leave a comment below.

 Join Solavei today or Go To: MobileMarketConnect to learn how to build your own Solavei business or become a Mobile Phone Customer. Start saving on your cell phone bill and Solavei Marketplace today!

To Your Success!

Rich Miller



Rich Miller



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