Solavei Review

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What is Solavei?

Solavei Review

It is a very unusual name for a very unusual company. Solavei means “Sun In Your Veins” First let me start of by telling you I am glad that you are giving me the opportunity to tell you why I like Solavei  and answer your questions along the way.

 Why I chose Solavei

When looking for a company to join there are several factors that have to be present for me to consider getting involved before making my decision. One of the main reasons that Solavei moved to the top of my list is that the product just makes sense. Just think about these three points for a minute – 1) everybody Uses It – Unlike with other product-based opportunities’ almost every household uses a cell phone 24/7 the majority of people replaced their landline with a cell phone only. 2) it is a necessity – It’s not a luxury or lifestyle product that can be discontinued anytime you need it as a form of communication. 3) Residual Income – its one bill that is always at the top of the list and is paid every month Solavei  is a company that gives you the opportunity to choose a more inexpensive way of owning a cell phone with all the perks and capabilities as it always had and earning an income at the same time. Which can be additional money or a substantial life time income. And it gets even better; Solavei provides $49 per month Unlimited Voice, Text and Data 4G Nationwide “Contract Free” wireless service.

Solavei - its simpleAs the newest and most innovative company to enter the market, Solavei is leveraging a revolutionary distribution model for its services  -Social Marketing. Solavei will leverage the most trusted form of advertising in history, “The Referral,” from friends and family and support it with best-in-class product and service experiences. By shifting the billions of dollars currently spent on mass advertising to Solavei’s members, Solavei has the opportunity to be the “Wave of the Future”.

This is the sweet-spot of Mobile and Social Commerce. Solavei is the FIRST to combine Social Networking, Online Banking, Online Commerce and Mobile Cellular Service from T-Mobile – All In One!

Who is Behind Solavei ?

Solavei Founder:  Ryan Wuerch – CEO Ryan Wuerch is a very successful entrepreneur and successful chief executive officer. His known and proven leadership experience spans roles as CEO, chairman, and key visionary of both Solavei and Motricity, as well as numerous roles within other future-oriented businesses. Prior to founding Solavei, Ryan founded Motricity, a self-financed mobile data services company that he grew into a publicly traded enterprise worth $1.2 billion, creating significant investment returns for investors such as Intel, NEA, AEI and TCV. Ryan Wuerch served as president for Learning 2000, Inc., an education software company, from 1998 to 2001, and as senior vice president of ShapeRite, a nutritional supplement manufacturer, from 1995 to 1998. He was named the 2010 Pacific Northwest and 2005 Carolinas Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. His current board positions include the Miss America Organization and the Washington Roundtable, a nonprofit public policy organization composed of Washington State chief executive officers. In addition, he is ambassador for the Internet Innovation Alliance in Washington D.C.

Final Thoughts about Solavei

I looked hard and researched a lot and was able to place a check next to each of my questions;

  • I looked at the product and realized that “It is the Perfect Product”, everybody uses it and everyone wants to save money.
  • There is No Monthly Auto-Ship Program so I do not have to worry about space and the added monthly expense for a product that I could potentially do without. I looked at the marketability of the Solavei product and saw the growth potential as the revolutionary option is just getting started.
  • I researched the founder of the company; his credentials and mission statement are First Class.
  • This is a great opportunity to save money on something we use everyday and earn money as well.


As long as you you get going now, you will have an awesome chance here and TIMING will still be on your side!

 You Might Ask, Is Solavei for you?

If you are looking for a way to :

  • Never pay for your mobile service again
  • Get Paid Monthly for Sharing Solavei
  • Work with a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to your success
Let me say that if you invest 20 minutes time to look at a short video ,you will have enough information to see if it’s a fit for you.As a matter of fact you cant pay anything whats the risk?

Pick up the phone and call me.  My cell number is 410 739-7370 or Click Here For More Information.

I will personally take the time to fill you in on all the exciting details and together we will build an amazing Solavei Team.

To Your Success!

Rich Miller



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