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This week I was very fortunate to have had an opportunity to meet and listen to Alex Sheen speak in Phoenix Arizona. When I first heard that he would be a keynote speaker I wasn’t sure who he was and honestly didn’t take the time out to Google him, but with the last name of “Sheen” I thought he was an actor of some sorts.

But, before I go on I am sharing this experience with you because I believe that if you are reading this now, you may be able to use what you learn and put it to use in your life to make an impact on someones life or change the direction of your own with what you can learn here today.

If you Google “Alex Sheen” you will find out he is actually the founder of the social movement “because I said I would”  Sound familiar ?

 because I said i would


“because I said I would” – How the Social Movement Started

because I said I would” organization started when Alex’s father passed away on September 4th, 2012,  Alex handed out Promise Cards at his Father’s Continue Reading….


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I wanted to share a recent interview that I just had with Chris Clark as part of his “In the Trenches” 7 Second Commute” video series for Internet Marketers.

Chris and I go back for a few years now and recently Chris asked to interview me on my 3 biggest internet marketing mistakes, how to avoid them, and my top 3 recommendations for anyone starting a business online.

 In this interview we talk freely about what roadblocks I have encountered and how to avoid making the same mistakes. There are some many different ways to make money online and just as many distractions that can set you back years. We talk about what it felt like to make my first check online and how empowering it can be for anyone.  Check out this video and Continue Reading….

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In this blog post I want to share with you some of my best practices to setting goals for success. As we get closer to the New Year, many of you are already setting goals that are going to start on January 1st.

Here’s the problem with that, if you’re going to wait to start later you have already missed out and are behind in the race..

Think about it this way –  if you are a football player would you wait until the day of the first game of the season to start practicing or would you take the time to start getting in shape and practicing for your best game ahead of time?

No, you would have been practicing, studying the playbook and getting in shape way ahead of time.

Setting Goals

Setting Goals that will Lead To Disappointment

One of the biggest problems with setting goals that will start at the beginning of the New Year is that most of those goals are unrealistic and in most cases will never be met.

You might ask why?

What happens is that we get to the 1st of the year and we decide that we want to accomplish a huge lofty goal, something thats going to transform us to a different person!!! Problem is that up until that point, we have not done anything to prepare ourselves to start working towards that goal. There were no changes in our daily habits or routines that would help move us closer to Continue Reading….


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 In my last blog post, we discussed the most overlooked key to Success in network marketing; if in-case, you missed that blog post you can head over to the our last blog post to check it out. Today I want to continue with another point on that discussion with more insight on your key to success in Network Marketing.

Key To Success In Network Marketing

 This Critical Key To Success Can Make You RICH!

Seriously, what you read next is a very simple key to success. but so powerful it can change your life.

You have to develop a consistent and persistent approach to growing your team with ONE company. I know it sounds simple but so many network marketers miss this connection.

You see, when you are focusing on building ONE team and not Continue Reading….


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 key to success image

This post will probably piss off a few network marketers that I know, but the one thing you can expect from me is the truth and my genuine thoughts. So lets let the cat out of the bag…

It’s a fast moving world that we live in now, with Social Media we are getting exposed to a lot of opportunities. However, the problem is this can kill your business before you get started.

The One Key to Success That You Need to Remember -You need to pick “One”

Here is how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. This is the one key to success that you need to remember. You need to pick Continue Reading….

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  Your probably thinking this is a pretty easy question to answer, but its surprising how many people don’t realize how easy it is to get some really great material from Great Motivational Leaders.

How to Find Great Motivational Leaders

Where to Find Great Motivational Leaders Content Free


I know this sounds too simple but you just need to know what Author or Tittle you want and Google it. Ok, I know your saying I didn’t need to read this blog post to find that out, BUT most people don’t do it. Someone tells them a good book title and the first place they go is Amazon and buy it.  But what I am telling you is that you can find a lot of great content on Great Motivational Leaders for FREE and its Continue Reading….

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The Problems With Setting Goals, Why Most Fail

January 21, 2013

 Setting Goals Are Just The First Step   The Problem with setting goals is that most people don’t reach their goal! As a matter of fact many people don’t even remember what their goals are halfway through the year…Really! It’s pretty easy setting goals, but there are many times we don’t take the steps needed that will […]

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