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This week I was very fortunate to have had an opportunity to meet and listen to Alex Sheen speak in Phoenix Arizona. When I first heard that he would be a keynote speaker I wasn’t sure who he was and honestly didn’t take the time out to Google him, but with the last name of “Sheen” I thought he was an actor of some sorts.

But, before I go on I am sharing this experience with you because I believe that if you are reading this now, you may be able to use what you learn and put it to use in your life to make an impact on someones life or change the direction of your own with what you can learn here today.

If you Google “Alex Sheen” you will find out he is actually the founder of the social movement “because I said I would”  Sound familiar ?

 because I said i would


“because I said I would” – How the Social Movement Started

because I said I would” organization started when Alex’s father passed away on September 4th, 2012,  Alex handed out Promise Cards at his Father’s funeral , then made a Facebook page offering to send out 10 Promise Cards to anyone who requested them. Then he would meet the commitments that were asked of him the best that he could.  Alex Sheen started this small gesture because his Father was known as a person for keeping his word.  His one action has turned into something much larger and now he has been sending Promise Cards to anyone who requested them at no cost. “because I said I would”  has since sent over 2.3 Million Promise Cards to people that have requested them in over 150 countries, changing life’s all over the world.

Here is a video of Alex Sheen of “because I said I would” Organization:

We all make commitments and have broken them because of several reasons, but what Alex Sheen started with his organization “because I said I would” and the use of Promise Cards has taken making commitments to another level. The idea behind a Promise Card is to write your commitment on the card and then give your Promise Card to the person that you are making the commitment for and once you accomplish or meet your commitment then you ask for your Promise Card back from that person.   Not only are you writing down your Promise, you basically have an accountability partner waiting for you to make good on your Promise.

Alex Sheen  at TedX Youth – What all great superheroes have in common:

You may have heard about Garth Callaghan,  the Father who has been battling cancer that promised to write 826 napkin notes for his Daughter?  He started writing notes to place into his daughters  lunchbox starting when she was in kindergarten.  When Garth read about “because I said I would” Callaghan made a commitment to reach a goal of writing 826 napkin notes, one for each school day his daughter has left until her high school graduation.

As you can see writing a  promise card is a great idea for personal commitments or commitments you make to others. If you have wanted to volunteer at a shelter, animal rescue, maybe just spend some dedicated time with someone; using a Promise Card is a great way for you to meet your commitments.

Because I said I would promise card

Furthermore giving a promise card to someone really lets them know how much your commitment means to them and yourself….. I encourage you to give it a try, you might just find out you will get more accomplished or create change in others lives from your efforts. Check out Alex’s website . You can find out more about “because I said I would” , current events , get your Promise Cards and also support Alex Sheen.

Just remember these 5 important words  “because I said I would” and you will change lives..

To Your Success!

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