How To Create A Vision Board

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Envision your Best Life With A Vision Board

 You make have read or heard that if you want to achieve a goal that you have to write it down and make sure you keep it in front of you, right? I know that I “always” have some pretty big goals that I want to reach, as a matter of fact they may seem like a dream to some people. One of the most powerful tools is a “Dream Board” or some call it a “Vision Board”. I like to refer to them as a Vision Board, because it is my vision how my Life will be, but either name is correct.

create a vision board

The reason Vision Boards are so powerful  is that they are not just a piece of paper or a document that is in a file on your computer that you don’t see every day, they are usually so large that you have to mount it on your wall. When it comes to quick, clear communication for your Brain to process, visuals trump text almost every time!

 As Napoleon Hill has written in the second step to Riches ~ “Through Visualization of and Belief in the attainment of Desire” Then Napoleon Hill says on page 30, that “there are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge” Can you see how a Vision Board is related to Napoleon Hill’s writings?

Designing Your Vision Board – Where To Start

 This is the most important step in how to Create your Vision Board. “You have to know  what you want”, but you have to go deeper that  as an example -:

“I want a Vacation Home”  But you have to ask yourself  these questions: “Why do you want a vacation home” Then “What does it mean to you to have this vacation home and “What” are you going to do with it.

You see this is going to take some time to complete, but it’s important that the you clearly identify and write down the things you want to have, the activities and the people that you see in your Vision of the future – Because of your Vision Board and those important details in it helps you brain and subconscious develop your road map to reaching your goals in life.

Designing Your Vision Board - Where To Start

 How To Make Your Own Vision Board

 Now that you know what you want, how you envision your life to be, the real fun begins . This is the part that my Wife and I enjoyed the most when we put together our Vision Board.  First you will want to figure out where you will want to mount you Board. Pick a place that you will see it multiple times daily.  This will also help you determine how big your Vision Board should be. Most people will use a standard piece of Poster Board that you can pick up at any Office Supply or Drug store.

How To Make Your Vision Board

Now the Fun Part of this begins – Start gathering pictures of the things you want your future to look like once you accomplish your Goals for example: A Picture of a New House,  Car -Places you want to visit and the People in your life. If you want to give back to a Charity in some way, find a picture that represents how it will look when you are doing it or what you are giving. Most important is what you put on your Vision Board represents how you see your life when you are Living your Dream! 

You can use pictures from your favorite magazine, personal pictures, images or even something that is hand drawn – As long as you can relate to it, that it has a strong emotional meaning to you.  When Heidi and I started our Vision Board we both sat down and put together (at 4am) our pictures. We talked about each one to make sure it was congruent with what we want and how we want our Life to look like.

Some Vision Board Examples

Here are some examples for you to get an Idea. Just remember what our version of a Vision Board is, it may not be what yours will look like when you finish yours. Your Vision Board has to be laid out and designed so that you get the most out of it.



Examples Of Vision Boards

Some things to remember about making Vision Boards

There are many different variations that you can make.You can make them big and small, One Tip I will give you is to make cpoies of your Vision Board so that you can have it in front of you all the time. What I did is take a picture of ours and its the Desktop on my phone…

Vision Board on Phone

Some people make one that will last them indefinitely and other will make as a new year starts. I myself update ours as our Goals are met and new ones are added… Just remember it’s Your Vision Board.

To Your Success! 

Rich Miller



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