The Most Overlooked Key To Success In Network Marketing

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This post will probably piss off a few network marketers that I know, but the one thing you can expect from me is the truth and my genuine thoughts. So lets let the cat out of the bag…

It’s a fast moving world that we live in now, with Social Media we are getting exposed to a lot of opportunities. However, the problem is this can kill your business before you get started.

The One Key to Success That You Need to Remember -You need to pick “One”

Here is how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. This is the one key to success that you need to remember. You need to pick “One”, One business that you feel is a match for you and your goals and focus on that “One” business until you succeed. Do not get involved in another business, stick with it!

There are a few reasons that I want you to know and understand why this is an important key to success for you. If you make a decision to join another network marketing company along with your current company, guess what happens?

What do you think your current down-line and the people that you influence will think?

  • They are going to question why you do not feel confident in that company alone.
  • They will second-guess how genuine you were when you explained to them why they should join this company with you.
  • If they cannot afford to follow and sign up with the second company, they are going to wonder are you going to continue to give your team 100% and Focus you gave before adding another business.

Now there are a few marketers that are themselves successful building multiple companies at one time, but let me
tell you they are the 1% that can do it. No one knows the actual attrition numbers that happen in the initial team when a second business is added to the mix.

 Closing Thoughts on The Key To Success In Network marketing

One thing to keep in mind, most people have a difficult time learning and implementing the steps to be successful in one team, so introducing them to the idea of building two separate Network Marketing business can be a disaster for them and possibly your team. The real key success is to keep your team engaged, focused and actively building the business.

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Don’t get me wrong, I think it is possible to have additional revenue sources, but not from trying to build multiple Network Marketing companies at the same time. There are many other ways to add additional income sources that you and your team can benefit from, as long as it does not take the focus away from building the business.

The key to success in Network marketing is not a process of building based on hype and jumping to the next newest thing. Network Marketing is a process of building strong relationships with a team that together will help each other achieve great lasting results as a Team. Network Marketing is a long term commitment and approach to financial freedom.

Wishing You Great Success!

Rich Miller




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