Part One – Essential Steps for Success – Action vs. Activity

by Rich Miller · 2 comments

This blog post is about one key ingredient that is often missed and required in order to obtain your goals – Action. In most cases, everybody usually determines their “Why” – The reason that they want to be successful in their endeavor, whether it’s to make more money, buy a new bigger house, new car, travel or to be able to spend more time with their family and friends; ok so you get the idea. But having defined your “Why” is not enough; it’s only one ingredient to your path to success.

ActionSo we have established that most people make it to identifying their “Why”, what happens next is where most people will fail. And in almost all cases it their own fault that they are in that situation and failed. A little harsh you might say, but I disagree. Not sure about you but I am very big on personal accountability, taking the hits when I deserve them, so if the shoe fits, wear it. Now here is where I get to the part that people will disagree with me, tell me I am wrong and get defensive about their Action taking or should I say Inaction.

For example; In Network Marketing there are people that show up to meetings every week, but are not really there… They do not miss a meeting or team call. They talk to the same friends, their family, business partners all the time and post on Facebook 20x a day about everything that they are going to do and how great their business is but in fact they are just participating in an “Activity” and not taking “Action” to build their business. The sad part is that they will never accomplish the steps required to meet their goals and fulfill their “Why”.  Then the frustration factor kicks in and the decision is made that there is something wrong with the product they are promoting, the company they joined or they feel they are not getting the support needed  to be successful.  Then they realize that their family and friends were right, that it was a stupid idea to try to do something different than their job. This outcome is sad, but unfortunately it happens every day.

If you have made it this far and are still reading this post, I encourage you to take a long hard look at how you are spending your time, are you just being Active or actually taking the required Action Steps?  Have you defined clear actionable Goals that you need to execute on a Daily/Monthly/90day basis?  If you have already identified the path you need to follow, then you need to look a little deeper to see why you are not taking Action and make the correction needed. In a lot of cases it is “FEAR” moving out of that comfort zone that keeps a lot of us from taking certain actions or maybe just better use of your time or focus in the right areas.

If you’re serious about reaching your Goals, you cannot avoid taking Action; if you are your just wasting time.

To Your Success!

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  • Awesome blog post!  Sometimes we all need a kick in the pants.

  • Nice post! This can be translated into so many different areas of living! Looking forward to reading part 2.

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