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In this blog post I want to share with you some of my best practices to setting goals for success. As we get closer to the New Year, many of you are already setting goals that are going to start on January 1st.

Here’s the problem with that, if you’re going to wait to start later you have already missed out and are behind in the race..

Think about it this way –  if you are a football player would you wait until the day of the first game of the season to start practicing or would you take the time to start getting in shape and practicing for your best game ahead of time?

No, you would have been practicing, studying the playbook and getting in shape way ahead of time.

Setting Goals

Setting Goals that will Lead To Disappointment

One of the biggest problems with setting goals that will start at the beginning of the New Year is that most of those goals are unrealistic and in most cases will never be met.

You might ask why?

What happens is that we get to the 1st of the year and we decide that we want to accomplish a huge lofty goal, something thats going to transform us to a different person!!! Problem is that up until that point, we have not done anything to prepare ourselves to start working towards that goal. There were no changes in our daily habits or routines that would help move us closer to Continue Reading….


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I decided to start writing more about what crucial mistakes Internet Marketers are doing that keeps them from making money online. I see this more often now with the technology that we have in place now than ever before. There are so many new tools and systems available to help us but there really is no EASY BUTTON to making money online. Sorry to disappoint you, but thats how it is.. Let us start with a few tips today to help you avoid these mistakes and start-making money.

Making Money Mistakes

#1 Mistake to Making Money Online – If it’s Sounds Too Easy, Then It May Not Be for You

We have so much access to information sharing on Social Networks that we are being exposed to a pilferer of people promoting companies and products with quick success stories, some so unbelievable that I can’t believe the someone actually wrote it.

making money online However, the problem is that there are so many people that are looking for “The Answer” to their financial problems Continue Reading….


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I just watched Nik Wallenda competed a successful walk on a across the Grand Canyon on a 2” cable!  Nik Wallenda walked on that tiny cable 1,400 feet across the Canyon, but while doing that he  even looked down while walking 1,500 feet above the Canyon floor; that’s higher than the Empire State Building!

And he did all this without a safety Net!

Making Money Online


  So you might ask what does Walking a Tightrope have to do with making money online?

In preparation for Nik Wallenda’s tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon he had to study a lot of factors that would effect his walk. Part of his preparation Nik Wallenda started taking action by Continue Reading….


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I recently talked to someone that works a full time job and is trying to make money online to help pay some of their monthly bills. They were pretty stressed because they recently had some unexpected expenses hit.  This post shares my response and might help you if you’re also struggling to find the time or know someone struggling.

No Time To Make Money Online???


make money online

The person I was talking to currently works a full time job, sometimes working  10-12 hour  days, 5 days a week and they told me that they don’t have time to do the things needed for them to be able to make money online.  They had invested a good amount of money in different online programs, eBooks and other tools but can’t seem to have any real results.  During the conversation I pick up a few different RED Flags that Continue Reading….


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