Setting Goals

This week I was very fortunate to have had an opportunity to meet and listen to Alex Sheen speak in Phoenix Arizona. When I first heard that he would be a keynote speaker I wasn’t sure who he was and honestly didn’t take the time out to Google him, but with the last name of “Sheen” I thought he was an actor of some sorts.

But, before I go on I am sharing this experience with you because I believe that if you are reading this now, you may be able to use what you learn and put it to use in your life to make an impact on someones life or change the direction of your own with what you can learn here today.

If you Google “Alex Sheen” you will find out he is actually the founder of the social movement “because I said I would”  Sound familiar ?

 because I said i would


“because I said I would” – How the Social Movement Started

because I said I would” organization started when Alex’s father passed away on September 4th, 2012,  Alex handed out Promise Cards at his Father’s Continue Reading….


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In this blog post I want to share with you some of my best practices to setting goals for success. As we get closer to the New Year, many of you are already setting goals that are going to start on January 1st.

Here’s the problem with that, if you’re going to wait to start later you have already missed out and are behind in the race..

Think about it this way –  if you are a football player would you wait until the day of the first game of the season to start practicing or would you take the time to start getting in shape and practicing for your best game ahead of time?

No, you would have been practicing, studying the playbook and getting in shape way ahead of time.

Setting Goals

Setting Goals that will Lead To Disappointment

One of the biggest problems with setting goals that will start at the beginning of the New Year is that most of those goals are unrealistic and in most cases will never be met.

You might ask why?

What happens is that we get to the 1st of the year and we decide that we want to accomplish a huge lofty goal, something thats going to transform us to a different person!!! Problem is that up until that point, we have not done anything to prepare ourselves to start working towards that goal. There were no changes in our daily habits or routines that would help move us closer to Continue Reading….


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 Setting Goals Are Just The First Step


The Problem with setting goals is that most people don’t reach their goal! As a matter of fact many people don’t even remember what their goals are halfway through the year…Really!

Setting Goals

It’s pretty easy setting goals, but there are many times we don’t take the steps needed that will help us accomplish these goals. As an example, I had planned on getting out to make a jump last year and never made it. Then it hit me, I said I wanted to do it and talked about it a few times but I never really set it as a goal, didn’t take the steps to make sure it happened. To me it was a pretty important thing I wanted to do, but I didn’t treat it that way.

Setting Goals for Work and Personal

Whenever I am setting goals for work I use a goal worksheet to help me set and define my goals. And any long term goals work or personal are always added to my vision board and I use my setting goals worksheet to breakdown each action step to reach my goal.

One thing you have to do make sure your goal is specific, check out these examples:
Bad Example – I want to jump out of a plane.
Good Example – I want to go to HALOJUMPER School by September 15th 2013.

Setting Goals Why people fail

 Let me give another example of a goal I am going to achieve this year:

Bad Example – I want to receive a Leadership Award at the next MLSP Live The Dream Event,

Good Example – I am going to be a L3 by October 1st 2013 and will receive my leadership award on Stage at Live The Dream IV in October 2013.

So you see how I have put a deadline to my goals and how specific I was? I also defined what I need to accomplish, where I am going and gave a deadline to accomplish this goal.

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” — Abraham Lincoln

Put Together A Step by Step Plan When Setting Goals

Another key to setting goals and achieving them is taking the extra steps to developing a step by step action plan and a timeline to accomplish the goal. For example my last goal from above:

  • What are the requirements I need to meet.
  • The steps I will take to meet the requirements.
  • In this case I would set a monthly goal to meet and the tools I will use to accomplish each monthly goal.
  • When and where is LTD IV – I need to know when to schedule my travel plans.
  • What am I going to wear on stage!

And one last thing I need to do, is add a picture of the stage to my Vision Board!

MLSP Stage

Adding a picture to my vision board is just as important as any of the steps above. Having that picture to look at everyday not only reminds us daily, but it helps our minds work towards that goal. If you haven’t put together a Vision Board for yourself, check out my post on Vision Boards HERE…     

our vision board

Get Help….

Another step that will help you reaching your goals is when setting goals, to make them public. As an example you can make your goal part of your Facebook profile. What a lot of successful marketers do is create an accountability group, for instance you can create a 100 Day Challenge Group to get in shape. Another idea is you can get an accountability partner that you can work with to help you keep focused and on track.

To Your Success!

Rich Miller



my lead system pro Vision Board







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