Solavei Marketplace Is Here!


Mobile Cell service was just the beginning, it was just announced  that Solavei Marketplace just opened to its members. Solavei Marketplace is a new program for its members offering Cash-back rewards from National and Local Retailers when they use their Solavei Card to purchase a wide range of goods from participation retailers.

solavei marketplace launch

I think that concept is really cool, especially because it’s a FREE benefit and you get discounts for shopping where you would normally go anyway, Its really a Win-Win!!!

  • Currently thousands of vendors and merchants now participate.NO Fees! – That’s right, there are no additional hidden fees to get these discounts!
  • NO Fees! – That’s right, there are no additional hidden fees to get these discounts!

How Solavei Marketplace Works

To be eligible to benefit from the Solavei Marketplace, you just have to be a customer of Solavei’s Mobile Phone Service. You then just need to sign up to Continue Reading….


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Solavei Comparison

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If you have been looking for more information about Solavei then you need to know how Solavei compares to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Boost Mobile. When you look at each of the other guys Cell Plans using the chart in my Solavei Comparison Video, you’ll see why Solavei is the best choice when making your decision to switch.

Solavei Comparison – Why You Need To Know


SolaveiOne of the biggest problems faced when choosing a Cell Phone provider is knowing what the plan includes that you’re paying for each month. What’s more important is what extra you may have to pay if you use more talk minutes, text of data than your plan allows. What you probably don’t know is that the majority of Cell Plans limit you to a certain amount of data. What’s crazy is that with each new phone model they give you more options and better performing applications that encourage you to use more data. What cell phone providers count on is that you use more than what their basic plan allows thus costing you data usage overage costs that can cost you almost as much as your monthly bill! Most carriers do have a solution that will keep you from the big surprise phone bill, that is to upgrade your plan and pay a higher monthly bill.  This is another reason why you need to watch my Solavei Comparison video.

Solavei Comparison – No Contracts

One of the big reasons that cell phone service providers offer to give you a “Deep” discount on a new phone is so that they can lock you into a long contract . The big catch is that if you want to cancel your contract before the time is up, you’re going to get charged a BIG termination fee, as much as $300.00. What’s really crazy is that if the service reception is not good in you area and you need to make a switch the only thing your going to hear is that your going to have to pay a big termination fee.  In my Solavei Comparison video I talk about why Solavei has NO CONTRACT requirements and provides the best plan available for a great price.

Solavei Comparison – What The Other Companies Don’t Offer

My Solavei Comparison Video will show you how AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Boost Mobile plans compare to Solavei. BUT the one thing that no other cell phone provider will or can do for you is provide a way for you to pay them nothing each month. That’s right, Solvavei encourages you to get your service for FREE! Better yet, Solavei is going to pay you just to refer others to switch to Solavei. As a matter of fact you can make great deal of money with Solavei and better yet, you can earn monthly residual income each month just by helping other reduce their monthly cell phone bill. Check out my video on the Solavei Compensation plan to find out how much you can actually make. And if you need more information about Solavei, check out my Solavei Review.

What to do next:  I think you have to agree that no other cell phone companies stack up to Solavei and the future that it can offer you, I mean just think what you could do with the money you would normally pay each month for your cell phones. For us, it was well over $200/ $2,400 a year…Seriously we are going to have a nice vacation this year because of Solavei….

If Solavei Sounds right for you  –> CLICK HERE NOW<– to Get Started Today!


To Your Success!

Rich Miller

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Solavei National Launch – Live From The EMP Seattle

Solavei just had our National Launch this past weekend and I made this video to show you this cool kit that Solavei sent me for the National Launch. Some pretty cool SWAG was included in the box to wear for the launch. This is the first company I have seen that put out this much effort and money just to celebrate the launch! The Solavei National Launch hosted from the EMP in Seattle Washington started at 9pm. Another cool thing is that Solavei broadcasted the Solavei National Launch on the internet for everyone to join in on the fun and festivities.

Solavei National Launch – Powerhouse of Celebrities

We had celebrities like Alex Baldin in attendance and was interviewed by Megan Alexander. And whats really cool is he is promoting Solavei as a business and donating the proceeds to charatiy, pretty cool huh? The entertaiment for the Solavei National Launch included C.Lo Green performaing for a packed house and 10’s of thousands of people on the internet. We also had John Gray in the house along with Danny Gokey, finalist from American Idol.

Solavei National Launch – Awesome SWAG

So I have to show you in the video the cool Solavei SWAG they sent to each member that was activly promoting the Solavei buisness for free 🙂 to celeprate the National Launch for Solavei.

At the house Sarah Rocking out the new our new SWAG for the Solavei National Launch event!

Solavei National Launch

Check out more details about Solavei here on my Solavei Review

If  you wnat to work with one of the Largest, Fastest Growing Teams in Solavei, then CLICK HERE to get started. Once you sign up I will personally call you and help you get off to a FAST Start!


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Solavei Website

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Solavei Website – How to Install


I recorded a quick video on how to install the new wordpress theme available from the Solavei Website. In the video I have taken you through step by step instructions how to find, download the Solavei Website theme and how to install worpress from the CPannel. Its actually a real easy process to follow as long as you take your time and pay attention to the details in the video. Here is an example of what your website will look like when installed ; My Solavei Website

Solavei Website – Tips Before You Start

Before starting the installation of your new Solavei Website, you will need to have purchase or have an existing Domain. Once you have purchased your Domain, you will need to have it set up on your hosting providers site. After you have your domain set-up on your Hosting provider you are ready to get your new Solavei Website theme installed.

Watch this video to get the step by step instructions that I followed to set-up my Solavei Website on Hostgator.

 Configuring Your Solavei Website

Once you have installed your Solavei Website, you will need to take about 5 minutes to configure Continue Reading….


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Solavei HTC One S

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I was pretty excited to get my new Solavei HTC One S that I had to shoot this crazy video.


The reason I am so stoked to get my new Solavei HTC One S Phone is that I am not going to have to pay another cell phone bill again!

I am saying GOOD BYE to my carrier and their contracts and using my new HTC One S from Solavei who provides Unlimited Nationwide Calling 4G Talk, Text and Data for $49 per month.with NO Contracts or credit check.  But…it gets even better. They give me a Bank of America Debit card for my referral fees so I can spend them on things a really need like groceries and gas.

How about discounts at over 50 major companies! That’s right, I can save money by using my Debit card for shopping so this company is putting even MORE money back in my pocket.  So this is the way I see it – I save $2400 a year, I have no contract, I save money at over 50 different companies and I have the ability to make an extra $1,000 a month just by referring a total of 60 other customer.

That is what I am talking about!

Check out my Solavei Review to see what the excitement is all about and why my Solavei HTC One S phone works great.


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Solavei Review

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What is Solavei?

Solavei Review

It is a very unusual name for a very unusual company. Solavei means “Sun In Your Veins” First let me start of by telling you I am glad that you are giving me the opportunity to tell you why I like Solavei  and answer your questions along the way.

 Why I chose Solavei

When looking for a company to join there are several factors that have to be present for me to consider getting involved before making my decision. One of the main reasons that Solavei moved to the top of my list is that the product just makes sense. Just think about these three points for a minute – 1) everybody Uses It – Unlike with other product-based opportunities’ almost every household uses a cell phone 24/7 the majority of people replaced their landline with a cell phone only. 2) it is a necessity – It’s not a luxury or lifestyle product that can be discontinued anytime you need it as a form of communication. 3) Residual Income – its one bill that is always at the top of the list and is paid every month Solavei  is a company that gives you the opportunity to choose a more inexpensive way of owning a cell phone with all the perks and capabilities as it always had and earning an income at the same time. Which can be additional money or a substantial life time income. And it gets even better; Solavei provides $49 per month Unlimited Voice, Text and Data 4G Nationwide “Contract Free” wireless service.

Solavei - its simpleAs the newest and most innovative company to enter the market, Solavei is leveraging a revolutionary distribution model for its services  -Social Marketing. Solavei will leverage the most trusted form of advertising in history, “The Referral,” from friends and family and support Continue Reading….


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